Fluffy Links – Monday February 1st 2010

Gathering of Twitter users to meet up with Shel Israel on Tuesday, February 23, 2010, 7:00pm Berkeley Court Hotel, Dublin.

Twebt (twitter event, blind tasting) is a wine tasting on twitter. Watched it happen on Twitter last night amongst the Irish winerati. Lovely idea. More details from Brian on it.

Already an iPad fund in the UK. Would love to see an Irish iPad app fund for educational apps.

An Irishman with an odd accent tells us how to live on no money at all.

Microsoft’s Azure pricing is off track for small-scale apps?

Good business opp. Rent your content on YouTube when there is demand and then switch to advertising model after a time.

Amazon versus the publishers. A very interesting take. Apple is more fair than Amazon? For now…

Very interesting take on domain names and jurisdictions. Kentucky trying to shut down a gambling website that hosts in the UK and registered the domain with a UK company.

Better user experience with story telling.

The Virtual Revolution, a four part series airing this week on BBC Two about how the web is changing the world.

Sabotage – longer version

2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday February 1st 2010”

  1. Demure Lemur says:

    I really enjoyed that little guardian piece on the no money man. But you’re right – where the hell is he from? I’m wagering Cavan, but with Kerry parents.

  2. James says:

    Louthy but lived in Munster and a bit of Bathese. He managed to set up a Twitter account before his electricity got cut off – http://twitter.com/Freeconomist/

    Some iPad education apps would be very cool alright… even a Moodle plugin / skin to optimise a typical Moodle site for use on iPad would make it so nice to use during lectures.