Update on the Dublin Twitter Treasure Hunt tomorrow

Have a look at the twitter account DublinTweasure.

It starts at 2pm in Dublin City Centre.
What you need is a phone with web access, a team and knowledge or access to knowledge.
Cash prize for the winners too. Full details of what will be asked of you will be on the Twitter account.

Update, these were the clues:

Where is Suzanne walking? Frankly I haven’t a rashers. She’s awfully
good looking though.

Near broken spears and swans in flight we saw a vision. We were tied
up all winter.

Where Moore met Parnell sounds like under a little sign you go
downstairs to have a bite with a Polski wuj.

Harry jigs on, mixed up. He brought water into town but died in bath.

Where saol’s for sale two dogs show the way.

What will Damien give me, what does he have in store?

It’s a stitch up! There’s a singer on top of my brother, on Charles
Chetwynd. I’m beside myself with worry.

Shake up a regal she moth then have a hot one, you’re nearly there.

This was written after I was shot, Nancy.

2 Responses to “Update on the Dublin Twitter Treasure Hunt tomorrow”

  1. Darragh says:

    It was great fun. Brilliant atmosphere and good execution. Very much social. Recommended.

  2. Mike says:

    a big congratulations to the organizers well done Great idea great fun and great exercise