Fluffy Links – Monday January 25th 2010

Brendan Hughes is moving into a new job in February. Congrats!

And on that, congrats to Gavin Sheridan for his move to the news startup that Mark Little is building.

The top apps in the iTunes store in Ireland are interesting.

Fantastic wine bottle design.

And staying with the Dieline blog, their new book Box Bottle Bag on packaging design is out soon.

A new logo for Firefox?

Detailed post on sorting out your Facebook privacy settings.

Slideshow on bringing a product to market.

Nice vid from Google on doing SEO.

Euan Semple video on innovation.

For the foodies. Book on some amazingly designed restaurants and their locations. Eat Out!

Via I Guess I’m Floating Owen Pallett (Who plays Whelan’s on March 18th)

Complete with a raging rainstorm that scares the tech crew to death but not before Owen screams “Let me finish this song!” whilst avoiding wind and lightning bolts to boot.

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday January 25th 2010”

  1. Sean O'Grady says:

    Got a few shifty eyes when looking at the Firefox logo. A semi-NSFW would be nice!

  2. Oh yes, I do forget that people read this website from outside the Mulley bubble. Sorry Seán.

  3. manuel says:

    Final Fantasy….only discovered him last year but so so god….delightful stuff…

  4. Hey Damien. Thanks for the nod… 🙂