Chapter One – Not a review

More like a gushing of being bowled over by amazing food combinations. Yesterday I visited Chapter One restaurant for the first time and certainly not the last time. They deserve their Michelin Star. A big warm welcome, a big warm goodbye, genuine interest in making sure we enjoyed every second of the meal. From shaking our hands as we came in, to being asked was it our first time in the place by Martin (one of the owners) and interest in who we were, to telling us how the mousse was made (Soda streams have a home still!) to offering to call us a taxi, the experience was amazing. I thought beforehand which such a great reputation and high profile clientele that it might be intimidating but it was the complete opposite. It felt like we were family.

If you’re a bit obsessed with food as I am you might agree that good food and good surroundings can seriously change your mood for hours and days. We giggled all through the meal last night as it was so good and tickled all parts of our palettes. We were stuffed after all the food too so decided to walk around town for a bit and we were still smiling and laughing and even this morning I was in a damned good move.

And they now have the Chef’s table where you can sit in the kitchen and sample everything at a special table. We got a quick tour last night of it. Birthday, here I come!

Yes, it’s expensive but I have to say in terms of the food I’ve had so far in my life, it was value for money.

Food porn pics from a dodgy iPhone, in real life they looked amazing, never mind that they tasted better again:

Starter was: Duck sausage, fricasse of lentil, egg poached in red wine, horseradish cream

Main was: Rump of wild venison, mushroom pithivier, creamed cabbage, pickled walnuts and raisins, sauce grand veneur

Desert was: Warm chocolate mousse, caramel jelly, espresso mousse, lime ice cream and honeycomb

With the tea came chocolates:

17 Responses to “Chapter One – Not a review”

  1. Damien when I first started tweeting, Sylvia told me you tweet your lunch pic every day….now I know why…you are an actual honest-to-God foodie. The chocolate mousse pic is driving me crazy. Stop, already, I’m getting a growly tummy.

  2. Christian says:

    Oh boy, I’m so hungry just reading that…. nyom nyom nyom

  3. Thanks for the comment Sheila, I’m a bit obsessed with food alright and taking photos of it too. I really think it’s one of life’s great pleasures that we can take produce and turn it into what I see as art.

  4. Cristian says:

    First, for all the readers, sorry for my English.
    You know, back in my Bucharest I was a restaurant critic for Time Out Bucharest, the Romanian version of well known Time Out Magazine.
    I reviewd around 50 restaurant in one year until I left for Dublin.
    In that period there was a rumour that one restaurant in Bucharest, Heritage, will earn a first Michelin star. It was bollocks, of course, as I knew very well the restaurant and the story and I was sure that it is impossible.
    And the reality is that as we speak Heritahe Restaurant in Bucharest is still fighting :). And fighting :).
    Unfortunately, Central and Eastern Europe still has not any Michelin restaurant.
    So – it was comfortable to read here about Chaper One, I heard a lot about it since I moved to Dublin. I heard a lot about Patrick Guilbaud too.
    Too bad that the pictures are so poor, but hey, it’s something to have filmed Michelin dishes anyway, so cheers for that.
    Damien, something about the prices?

  5. Charles says:

    Ace. Sums it up perfectly.

  6. Ciara Feely says:

    Damien, great descriptions. They also have a great room for more private events,I have booked some corporate evening entertainment and lunches there. Get great reviews.

  7. Sounds yum. But you missed out the most important bit. The price?

  8. Gary Gubbins says:

    Great non review… i have to go to the garage and grab a sandwich for my lunch… i am going to France next week and some suppliers are taking me to a 2 star, so i’ll take some photos to compare.

  9. Terry says:

    Tx Damian, I have a voucher to use there sometime soon and my wife and I looking forward to it, especially now! bet you were walking around for a while walking off that desert!!!

  10. red mum says:

    Chapter One took part in the lunch offer done by the Irish Times a few months back, along with some of the other swanky restaurants in the city. Hopefully they’ll do that again as it was a great deal.

  11. Edel McCarthy says:

    Damien, not sure if you are aware but if you’re in Chapter 1 pre-theatre, they’ll go and collect your tickets for you in the Gate or Abbey to give you more time to finish your dinner… Now does it get better than that?

  12. Mark says:


    I was lucky enough to be part of a group that went there in December. It was amazing. I agree with everything you have said about them making you feel welcome, and it was one of the best nights of the year. It cost approx €85 per head plus drinks.

    That tasting menu looks good at €85, I think it’s €125 with different wine per course. Pricey, but for one night in the year why not?

  13. Oh excellente Edel!

  14. Was there just before Christmas – One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had of eating out! I agree with Mark, it’s something worth saving up to do once a year… and at the very least, worth doing once in a lifetime.

  15. In my humble opinion it’s the best restaurant in Dublin – and you’re right the welcome is consistently friendly without being at all fake. Haven’t been there in a while – I’ll have to save my pennies for a visit soon-ish.

  16. UnaRocks says:

    Hands down best restaurant in Dublin. Haven’t been there in a few months – must return soon.

    In other foodnews: If you haven’t had the sirloin steak in Coppinger Row yet, go.

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