Freelance Whales

Jim’s show on Phantom last night played this band Freelance Whales, liked the song right away, caught a few more of their songs on their mySpace. Got the album. I hope they come to Ireland soon.

This is them live in a train station. Love the reaction of the girl to their sound:

And another fuller version:

4 Responses to “Freelance Whales”

  1. Jim Carroll says:

    Damien – fantastic album, isn’t it? And good to know there are mo’ Jay Electronica fans out there

  2. Phil says:

    Checked them out after you mentioned on twitter yesterday and really enjoyed them. Listening again now.

  3. Anthony Mc G says:

    Just bought the album after watching that video. They’ll provide the soundtrack to my morning commute tomorrow.

  4. James says:

    Looks like Sony blocked the second video. :-/

    Love the Freelance Whales! Was so bummed that I missed them when they were in Boston last week.