Ones to watch in 2010

This is the 4th Ones to Watch list with the others ones being: 2007, 2008, and 2009.

The idea is simple enough, I pick out Irish individuals who I think will do something that will make an impact in Ireland or elsewhere and challenge the status quo. In no particular order they are:

Mark Little
Given Mark is already starting with a new news initiative, this prediction is lazy enough. However, Mark is still one to watch as it is the first time an Irish person with massive traditional media experience is embarking on such an interesting project. The video linked to above might give you an idea of what Mark wants to do. Thankfully it’s not another Huffington Post or a clone where increasing pageviews is the business model.

Will McInnes and Tom Nixon
Will’s related to people in Tipp, Tom looks Irish. Good enough for the Irish soccer team, good enough for this post. Will and Tom head NixonMcInnes and are doing some clever and social things on the web for clients and the greater industry. The company has an amazing democratic philosophy, they care a hell of a lot about their staff and that attitude is the same for their clients and what they do. That attitude is going to influence a much greater sphere and while the upcoming social business trend could be over-hyped, agencies like NixonMcInnes are redesigning companies by helping them to become more social. Social media in the nice form forces a business to be more transparent and when it’s done properly a business becomes better to serve their customers and (hippy stuff warning) make the world a bit better.

Joan Mulvihill
Joan is the new boss of the Irish Internet Association and before getting the job she was doing a lot of work helping those who lost their jobs/were made redundant. I think this is a perfect match as she’ll understand how people and businesses are thinking in 2010. Hopefully with Joan we might see the IIA gain recognition again as an org that represents all businesses that use the web and to encourage more to do so.

Ian Healy
Ian looks after a Leaving Cert website and got a lot of kudos for his insane coverage of the Hard Working Class Heroes event in October. A music nut, evangelist for many of the rising stars in Irish indy music and someone working on numerous projects. Great to see people work so prolifically to help out a section of society. Once he gets the Leaving Cert out of the way let’s hope to see him embark on something a little more fun.

Dena Walker
Everyone’s favourite Mancunian in the Irish digital world. Dena is a marketing and PR whiz while never wearing the cape that the gurus wear. Fun at events, direct and forthright, she’s someone I hope to do some work with in 2010 and hope the switched on companies out there think the same.

Pat Phelan
Pat is a barnacle to these lists, I just can’t remove him. Pat’s 2009 saw him take it to 11 and it seems 2010 is going the same way. MaxRoam has grown and evolved a lot over time and Pat’s way of working without the boundaries of state support and iterating a product and selling from day one is one good example of a way to do business. So will MaxRoam conquer more in 2010? Sub to his blog and see.

Donal Skehan
I hope most people know who Donal is at this stage. Cook, great photographer and singer in a pop group called Industry. Donal has been blogging for years at this stage and is proof that hard work does pay off. His cookery book came out late in 2009 and is all over the place in shops. Think it might have been the first cook book I bought that I’ll make use of. I think 2010 will be an even greater year for Donal. No pressure now mind!

Lisa Pereira
Lisa is a producer with Morning Ireland and the one who has them podcasting, doing live video from the studio and interacting with people on Twitter. Morning Ireland recently won a Golden Spider award for their work online, their work was part-reason why RTÉ picked up the Grand Prix at the Irish Web Awards and 2010 is probably going to be a year where more media outlets and more sections of RTÉ will get into that same aul lark too. Her work so is already a strong influence and everyone is watching to see what MI do next as lots are sure to follow.

9 Responses to “Ones to watch in 2010”

  1. Darragh says:

    Great choices. I’ve been lucky enough to interact with most of them this year and really looking forward to seeing what they do this year.

  2. Ian Healy says:

    Phwoar! *humbled*

  3. Great list Damien. Not familiar with all the names so will be adding them to my radar.

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  5. Tom Nixon says:

    Very kind of you! And I do have ancestry in Limerick 🙂

  6. will mcinnes says:

    Thanks Damien 🙂
    You’re right of course – Tom does look Irish!
    I think 2010 is full of incredible opportunities for all of us here and beyond. The world is changing in profound and uncertain ways, and somehow we’ve all ended up somewhere in the middle of that, trying to make sense of it all.
    These are the days that we will remember.

  7. Lisa Pereira says:

    ” … everyone is watching to see what MI do next as lots are sure to follow. ” Bloody hell, Damien, no pressure! I’d better start doing some work!

  8. Flattered and flabbergasted! Thanks for the shout-out…. now just got to live up to these expectations – top of my list of new year’s resolutions!

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