0 sleeps til


Every now and then I decide to give something up to appreciate it more or to see can I do it. I gave up booze for a year before, it was easy enough, tried to give up meat and fish for a year and lasted 3 months and for 2009 I’ve been off chocolate.

I’ve loaded up on 7 selection boxes (two were presents), some O’Conaill’s chocolate, Lindt chocolate and I was given a present of Butlers chocolate too.


So did I miss it? Absolutely. I’ve been a chocoholic all my life and chocolate has been a comfort, a treat and a mood enhancer for me. Bad mood? Chocolate helps. Want to relax? Chocolate helps. Good work done today? Have some chocolate.

Will I appreciate chocolate more now? Perhaps, I don’t know. I’ve seen how the French appreciate good food including chocolate by taking small bites and appreciating every chew. Perhaps I’ll do that after first biting the head off a chocolate bunny I’ve nicknamed slugtard and swallowing in one go. After that I’ll train myself to take small bites and to chew.

So what am I going to give up for 2010? Well it was suggested I give up bad language, when I told others of that suggestion a mini-protest started. Apparently people like my strategic use of colourful language in person and on Twitter and this blog. It’s much easier to give something up though than take something on, as an old classmate said about Lent before. So maybe I’ll give something up and take something on. I’ll let you know what in a year.

3 Responses to “0 sleeps til”

  1. Cormac says:

    Getting your hair cut. give that one up for a year and I’ll buy mullet.ie for ya.

  2. Alan Foran says:

    Grow a hitler mustache. That’d be hilarious.

  3. Gerry says:

    Give up using a keyboard and instead do everything using speech and handwriting recognition. Though if you did this you wouldn’t be able to give up swearing.