Fluffy Links – Friday December 18th 2009

Cork, at last. And for a while.

Well done Heathers for getting a song of their’s used in an upcoming Fáilte Ireland ad.

The world’s smallest library is in a phonebox!

10 Minute Tales. New quick mini-films shown on Sky1 over Christmas, specially made. Including a short film written by Neil Gaiman.

Nice post by David byrne (every one he does is) about funding for the arts and a megamillion opera that got a bail-out.

Watch some BBC content for free online?

As the Morning Irelanders point out, they’re not they’re to give opinions. As such.

Pretentious Serge Gainsbourg video. Yeah you’re wondering which one.

Holy Fuck – Milkshake

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Friday December 18th 2009”

  1. Good old Serge. You can’t beat that album. His daughter has a new album out at the moment, it’s great.