Using YouTube in Ireland to market your product/service

You might have seen the stats going around about usage of YouTube in Ireland with 131,000 Irish people using it daily. They do a lot of searches and watch a lot of videos. Right now hardly any companies see YouTube as a way to market their products or services but it is being used very well in other countries and will only be a matter of time before it is used here. Much like Google Ads show up at the side of search results, “Promoted” aka sponsored videos show up on the right hand side when you search for certain topics. Like so:

YouTube Promoted ads in Ireland

Last week Google/YouTube switched on promoted videos for Ireland. While Irish companies were already running marketing campaigns on YouTube, many were doing so by using an American credit card and postal address due to silly Google rules. (The web is global dearest Google) So now you can promote your business using video inside in YouTube. This might be a handy way of giving an initial push for a new ad you put online and where momentum and virality will spread it after a short period, meaning you save money.

While Americans can do this via YouTube itself, us lot have to use the Google Adwords interface to do it. Still it’s pretty easy.

Sign in to AdWords
Create a new ad, choosing “Display Ad Builder”.
Inside in Display Ad Builder, go to “Video” and choose the “YouTube Promoted Videos” template.

YouTube Promoted ads in Ireland

Choose the text that will be used to describe your video.
Choose your video.

Like everything else Google Ad wise, you can pay per click for this. You can also send them to your YouTube channel and see can you convert them into subscribers thus building a longterm relationship with people. You don’t need high productions values either. Do cheap videos with a Zi6/Zi8 or a mobile.

8 Responses to “Using YouTube in Ireland to market your product/service”

  1. Cheers for the heads up Damien, have just built out our first promo and will (try and remember to) pop back here when I have a sense of how it is working


  2. Hi Damien. Good to see this format available. Strikes me as a potentially interesting way to re-purpose made-for-tv content.

    Alchemy, a new niteclub in Dublin (owned by FBD), used the pre-roll format of advertising that is also available on YouTube videos to announce the launch party recently. This is where your video appears as the trailer to the video that a person wants to watch. RTÉ Player do it as standard. A little intrusive but very effective.

  3. Luke Abbott says:

    Interesting development alright, soimething worth thinking about.

    Brendan, that ad for Alchemy gained them 867,000 impressions in a single day Maybe the novelty of it had something to do with it, but the ad itself was c**p.

  4. thanks for this. Handy post. Just set one up there now for a friends website and it is pending review from Google. He has a bus hire company in Dublin.

  5. BijouBee says:

    Great idea! Love the blog Damien, I’ve linked to it- keep up the good work!

  6. jimmy says:

    u guys know the invideo text overlay functionality that comes free with the promo video? fantastic easy way of driving traffic back to your site or channel, create the overlay in your youtube account as opposed adwords

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