Fluffy Links – Thursday November 12th 2009

There are still speaking slots and arse spaces left for Barcamp Cork this weekend. G’wan, go.

Free tickets to the RDS Arts Fair this weekend.

Irish Online Shopping Directory, run by An Post.

Justin has created an iPhone optimised MET Office page.

The Living Room. Passed this on Clarendon Street the other day and noticed a sign in a window asking to observe the silence. Interesting concept: a silent space in the middle of a city to quietly reflect.

Dear Unions of Ireland

The Irish Future Internet Forum is on December 3rd in Dublin. Free in. Some interesting speakers.

This cartoon from Hugh Macleod says it so well. Lots of people in business do nothing more than clone. Copying businesses models, exact site designs, marketing campaigns from elsewhere. In the short term that works but a creative business (and I mean way more than a business that designs art) is the one that will have the opportunity to last longer.

Amazing paper video.

Massive Attack and Portishead – Glorybox

6 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Thursday November 12th 2009”

  1. TUG says:

    Aren’t there a couple of pubs called The Living Room, one on the bottom of O’Connell St?

    Also, would ye ever get the union bashing a rest Damo! Have you not heard of determinism and the dialectic.

  2. TUG says:

    In my ire, I said get instead of “give”, ye get ye!

  3. Dena says:

    Loving the Gaping Void pic – very apt these days.

  4. The paper video was class! The amount of work that must have gone into that!

  5. Noel Rock says:

    Art fair, not arts fair. Bit different like…

  6. Those who cling so strongly to the heavy rules of grammar are those who are souless and lost