Falling in Love with the Web Again – 09 Style

The 09 Realex Payments Irish Web Awards are on Saturday. Tantrums, tiaras and more. Oh no, that’s the Blog Awards. 20+ categories. 350+ people. Cupcakes. Great food. No tuxes. Thank yous. Mulley’s laptop bluescreening and Rick O’Shea having to improvise. Playful moods. Childish tones. Wear legwarmers. Kicking out very very late. Bloggers, Twitterers er ers, sponsors having a laugh with the nominees. People in full Irish soccer kit. A large chunk of the Irish Web dev community. Himself might call in too.

Tickets €35 each.


6 Responses to “Falling in Love with the Web Again – 09 Style”

  1. […] and sadly I’m not back in Ireland until Monday so I’ll miss all the fun. Damien just blogged about the awards a second or three ago (don’t you love real-time indexing?), and it reminded […]

  2. Noel Rock says:

    And free entry for those in Irish jerseys…

  3. Ian Healy says:

    And volunteers!

  4. Steph says:

    You mean you’ve got Astley calling?

  5. Charles says:

    Himself? Surprise celebrity guest?

  6. Neil says:

    Utterly gutted I can’t make it, but my commie kids went and planned an event I have to attend 🙁

    Hope you all have as much fun as I did last year…