Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 18th 2009

73man is back but as 53degrees. Thank God he stayed at an odd number.

Photowalk in Cork on September 26th. See more on Chez Donncha. Discounted rooms for the Friday and Saturday in the Montenotte Hotel for those traveling from elsewhere. Donncha also running a raffle to win three free rooms. Photobloggers getting well looked after. Kudos to Hotel Pat for getting the deal and Donncha for being the ringmaster.

SEEPP (South East Enterprise Platform Programme) is looking for business start-ups and that the closing date for applications is fast approaching – August 27th!

Analogue Magazine now has an online TV show.

Episode 0 begins with Choice Prize nominated Adrian Crowley chatting about the creative process behind his lush new album ‘Season of the Sparks’

Bandit Country and now Pirate Country?

For Gav, rubick’s cube mosaics.

Words don’t come cheap. A million quid to be shown how to use power-words?

NTM – That’s my people

One Response to “Fluffy Links – Tuesday August 18th 2009”

  1. Gav Reilly says:

    If ONLY I owned enough cubes to do stuff like that. *sigh*