2FM learns too late about perils of ignoring their audience

Quote via Irish Times:

2FM has been targeting a 15 to 34 age group for a very long time,” she explained. “It is a very crowded part of the market. There are very strong local stations chasing that same audience. They are in a position to be very close to their listeners like guerrilla radio.

2FM got close instead by turning off talk and interactions in a time when the world interacts more. So can we have Rick’s voice back now?

10 Responses to “2FM learns too late about perils of ignoring their audience”

  1. TUG says:

    Simple as this 2FM… If you play music I generally like, I will listen to you… I hate talk fm, that is the worst aspect of phantom but considering that all the other stations churn out useless drivel as well it’s more then compensated for by the general quality of the music…

    It’s not guerrilla radio (would that it were!) it’s as simple as you have been ignoring the indie / rock orientated section of the market in Dublin since as long as Nirvana turned out a powerchord and probably longer and now you have your comeuppance.

    Would the BCI ever deregulate the entire band for the love of Jaysus, when I lived in Nantes in France, there was a station on every part of the dial (1 million population, rainy, wet city, sound familiar???) and then Damien can get his Rick and the rest of us can get actual music…

    It’s not that complicated really.

  2. Good spot. Hypocrites.

  3. gb says:

    hi Tug – Phantom are managing to pull a market share figure of under 2%. What makes you think theres room in that indie/rock section for 2FM?

  4. Ciara says:

    Isn’t this supposed to be part of their licence with the BCI, to provide for ‘young people’s radio’?

    Does this mean no more TY (Transition Year) RAAAAAAADIO, that’s TY RAAAAADIO. You have to say like that voice in the ads. Gutted it will be no more! GUTTED.*

    *read: not gutted.

  5. Cormac says:

    Message for 2FM – just play good music, less talk, keep News & Sport short. That’s it.

  6. TUG says:

    I don’t really care about market share, I care about my ears!

    I’d be surprised if that was Phantom measured in Dublin as I would have been sure it was alot more.

    All music stations should play exactly what I want to hear, failing that, complete liberalisation as I mentioned above. Concern about market share has done nothing but turn Irish radio into the biggest pile of unimaginative dross going.

  7. gb says:

    can’t really argue with your music tastes TUG – but compete liberalistation of the dial would mean more commercial stations and even more suits worried more about listenership figures than tunes! (BTW – I just checked and Phantom FM have 1.6% market share – ‘twould be nice to seem them performing better!!)

  8. TUG says:

    Where are your figures from and are they just related to Dublin or wha’?

  9. gb says:

    JNLR results released in March 09. There are new figures due out tomorrow so fingers crossed they get a good result. Phantom only broadcast to Dublin so they’re Dublin figures…

  10. TUG says:

    Up .1%!!! Yay!

    Anyway in the context of this article, which is the 15 to 34 age grouping, I still have to believe Phantom have a more substantial share in Dublin than 1.7%!!!