As you wish – Princess Bride Twitter evening, August 13th

If you’re interested, a few of us Twitter folk are having a Princess Bride Twitter evening on Thursday August 13th at 8pm. At 8pm on the button we all press play on the DVD in our drives and start watching while sharing the experience (i.e. comment loudly) on Twitter. The event was party inspired by Graham Linehan’s Bad Movie night, except this is a very good movie but was more inspired by the Irish Twitter community who gather around their TVs from time to time and with their laptops exchange comments with each other about whatever is on the box. It’s a fun shared experience.

I was thinking the hashtag for the event could be: #asyouwish

Update: Sign up to attend via Facebook.

Life is good
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Anyone can take part but you might just want a DVD copy of the movie to fully enjoy it. Why not bring friends along too to take part in this, like a cult maybe we can convert people into The Princess Bride.

If you’d like to take part stick your name down in the comments or if you’d like to host a watching party in your gaff, do so too.

56 Responses to “As you wish – Princess Bride Twitter evening, August 13th”

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  3. Ian Healy says:

    WELL fuckin’ done,man. Resounding response! Great idea! Thanks 😀

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  5. Donna Spellacy says:

    Brilliant idea! One of my all time favorite movies.

  6. Shaz says:

    Oh. I remember that night. Hey. 3 year on anniversary anyone?
    Why not? 🙂