Let a woman become a priest and this is what happens

This video is everywhere, I’m probably the last to see it and blog about it:

I actually consider this to be a bit vulgar and it’ll date in weeks, not even months.

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  1. Sabrina Dent says:

    Weddings I have considered vulgar:

    * The one where the invitation came with a “we’re registered at…” card
    * The one that came with the “instead of a gift, we’d like cash” card
    * Every single one where the groom shoves his hand (or god forbid, HIS HEAD) up the bride’s skirt to retrieve a garter
    * Every wedding with a money dance

    And have you SEEN some of the wedding dresses going these days? I mean, bare backs and sheer midriffs? There’s no need to keep selling it all the way up the aisle, girl.

    In other words, couples make a million choices when getting married, many of which will not meet with the approval of many of their guests. This struck me, at the very least, as festive and well intentioned and vastly less vulgar than a million bits of a billion weddings we don’t think twice about.

    It also worth remembering that in a country with a very narrow culture of weddings (full Catholic mass or the registry office and away with your if you’re gay), we’re a little conservative on these matters here. What counts as appropriate for church is also evolving; 20 years ago, you bare shoulders were sniffed at and today we have strapless (and Jesus, backless) bridesmaids.

    As to dating, I’m pretty sure they planned this for their enjoyment and memories and not for, you know, the Internet Hall of Fame. Having said that, I would have turned down the Good Morning America invitation that followed, but that’s me.

  2. I Don`t think it`s Vulgar, Looks like everyone Enjoyed it,

    Just Sayin…………………

  3. Ciara says:

    If the start of the Ellen Show (with the ridiculous dancing) were a wedding… it would be this. I kept expecting her to tushpush down after the bridal party.

    Mulley, you’re obviously protecting the Old Catholic Ireland with your views. Shame! Shame on you.

    With Chris Brown as your entrance song you know the marriage is going to be a good ‘un. Just ask Rhianna.

  4. roosta says:

    Really bad dancing to a very terrible song…

    So, they decided not to bother with the day-long wedding thing and just mash up the ceremony and the afters?

    I hope the ceremony ended with someone jumping on the altar and air guitaring.

  5. Nickster says:

    I’m with Sabrina and Patrick on this one.

    They put loads of effort into it, the guests were blown away, they have fantastic memories captured for ever. What’s not to like.

    Jeez, Damien, you can be a real grinchy sourpuss at times!

  6. UnaRocks says:

    Vulgar? No

    Fun? Yes

    Cringey? Yes

    Not the best idea to start a lifelong commitment by dancing to a Chris Brown song? Possibly

    Did you see them recreate it on the Today Show? FAIL.

  7. Niall says:

    It is a bit narrow minded to say that is what happens when you “let a woman become a priest”. It is the bride\grooms decision on what kind of wedding they have.

    Are you sexist? Because you sound trapped in a backward ireland that is long gone.

  8. Anthony McG says:

    Wouldn’t say vulgar. Occasions like that should be about personalisation. Wouldn’t be my choice of song but each to their own.

  9. Nat King Coleslaw says:

    Without doubt the worst thing ever. That includes plague, famine, war and Brush Shiels.

  10. Ciara says:

    Damien is mad into the sexism. And the racism Father.

    Didn’t you know ‘Niall’?

  11. Rick says:

    It’s his casual homophobia that bothers me, Ciara…

  12. Charles says:

    They’re generally yanks… Just sayin’

  13. Kevin says:

    Only in America – maybe.

    Strange that my neighbour wasn’t allowed to walk out to some song – some ballad they like.

  14. Darragh says:

    Other than the music choice, liturgically, how a bride chooses to proceed down the aisle is pretty much up to the agreement in the church and with the priest.

    I haven’t seen the back story of this, whether it’s roman catholic or whatever, but weddings should be a personal celebration and the liturgy should fit around them. That’s the idea anyway. In recent years it’s become a lot stricter in some senses, drawing on Vatican II.

    For years there was none of this “You may now kiss the bride” – that’s all drawn from American TV nonsense. If we were to rate this on music choice alone, then yes, vulgar and somewhat inappropriate. As an opening to a ceremony when, in the strictest sense of the word, the liturgy hasn’t begun? Again, up to the priest (or reverend or whoever it was).

    I liked it. Wouldn’t be for me but fair play to them. Memorable at the very least.

  15. Nathalie says:

    Think I’m with Una on this one – I don ‘t think it’s vulgar, it defo made me laugh, the whole crowd seem to enjoy and… call me a sap.. but I just thought there was something sweet about their family and friends going along with the cringey scheme. They obviously care about the couple enough to not mind looking like eejits.

  16. NiallOK says:

    Just thought I’d point out that I’m not the “Niall” above. I find myself thoroughly agreeing with Darragh though. Took the words right out of my mouth 🙂

  17. Gav says:

    After an entrance like that, I bet the rest of the ceremony was a severe anticlimax. You’d need a proper fucking musical to cap that. All downhill from there otherwise…


  18. Gav says:

    Whoops, last comment was meant to contain this:


  19. Rory says:

    I really think everyone looks happy and it looks fun…..not vulgar at all. They made the wedding their own.

  20. nerraw says:

    A couple and all their friends have fun at their own wedding much to the delight of their guests. SHOCK! But yeah totally vulgar.

    Do I like the song? No.

    Can they dance? Not really

    Did they have a great time? Yes

    Is that all that matters? Yes.

    Jeez, it’s like everybody has become the grinch since youtube was founded.

  21. Steph says:

    “…a bit vulgar” – I agree. There’s just no accounting for other folks’ taste though.

    Am I the only one who thinks this was probably staged purely for Internet audiences?

  22. dena says:

    Will it date? Absolutely… but so will the dresses, the suits, the hair styles etc. Who cares. Wedding albums the world over are dated. That’s half the fun of looking back at them in years to come.

    We all have our own idea of what makes the perfect wedding. To some it’s a more traditional ceremony (although I’ll reiterate Darragh’s point about “kissing the bride” having been introduced by Hollywood and add to it that white wedding dresses have only become common place relatively recently) and to others it’s the complete opposite.

    What’s important about a wedding day? Really? For me, it’s about the two people standing up, declaring how they feel, making a commitment to each other and doing in front of the people they want to share that moment with. It’s got nothing to do with what you wear, where you have it, what songs you sing – they’re all peripheral. It’s about love isn’t it?

    It wouldn’t be my choice of entrance granted. But then, a religious ceremony with mention of God and hymns and promising to obey my future husband is far more vulgar and offensive to my point of view, so I wouldn’t go for that either.

    I can however, understand why some people are offended by this happening in a church, but I suppose it very much depends upon the church in which it’s taking place. Not all churches frown upon deviating from the status quo of formal ceremony. While I’m not a religious person, surely if you have faith that’s the important bit, not necessarily conforming to the traditional etiquette of a wedding ceremony – or we’d all be covered head to toe until the deed was done & the veil was lifted, and *ahem* “pure” until the wedding night.

    Each to their own I say. Do what makes you happy… except for the Today Show stuff. THAT was vulgar! 😉

  23. Rory says:

    If you consider that it is YOUR celebration and not owned by any order or religion it becomes clear that one should think of a union like this as a blank canvas, not something that should be bound by needless protocols and rules.

    The music wouldn’t be my choice but then again neither would a lot of things I have seen in weddings I myself have attended.

    To be honest I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding that hasn’t made me cringe.

  24. I say fair play to them for doing what they wanted and what they’d enjoy. That’s all that really matters in my eyes. There are a lot more ways to make a wedding vulgar, as Stewart Curry gave a perfect example of above.

  25. MJ says:

    oooh the Thriller one was hilarious! now that’s much more fun IMHO

  26. Hells Bells says:

    Crazy white people.

    Then again, the very concept of marriage is silly, huh? This suits it very well!

  27. Quickroute says:

    A wedding day including the religious ceremony should be fun and it’s about keeping the wedding couple happy not narrow minded onlookers and ultra conservative begrudgers.

    Vulgar me arse!

  28. Emma says:

    Made me smile anyway! It’s a bit silly and the song choice is odd, but this whole thing wasn’t intended for us to judge. I think it’s kinda nice that at the point in many weddings (before the mass) where people are a bit uptight, worried about their hair and cold in their dresses and conversations are a bit stilted and formal still, this bunch are all laughing and smiling instead. Wonder what granny thought?

    Now the re-run on the today show, THAT was tacky and hard to watch.

  29. Gareth says:

    When two people get married it should be a celebration, which is what this looked like.

  30. To me it was about owning their own wedding day, expressing it in their own way and saying to the world we’re thrilled to be getting married to each other.

  31. Ciara says:

    Jumpin’ jeevers! ‘MJ’ comments on Thriller… from beyond the grave?!

  32. Eoin O'Mahony says:

    Down with this sort of thing…..

  33. Trinity says:

    jazus I’d love to see what they’d do if they ever get divorced 🙂

  34. MJ says:

    LOL Ciara…

    And Trinity – backflips all round as they proceed into the court room and high-five the judge 😉 heh

  35. Suzi says:

    If women being priests leads to stuff like this, then bring on the female ordination!

    I mean, seriously, what the fudge is up the the post title???

  36. roosta says:

    If you want to have a wedding ordained by a religion and in a religion’s building you should stick to their rules.

    If you don’t; get your own building.

    But clearly this religion/church didn’t have a problem with it, so all’s good.