10 year old Limerick Girl will kick your ass in Rubick’s

Can you do this? Looking at you Gav.

Oh my god, is Mulley being sexist again? : eyesroll :

14 Responses to “10 year old Limerick Girl will kick your ass in Rubick’s”

  1. I can do the cube about as fast as her, but I’ve never even tried the 360 yet… *goes to ebay to get one*

  2. Darragh says:

    I’ll bet Gav could do this. Darren is getting nifty on them too!

    I’m quite good at getting the stickers off…

  3. roosta says:

    That’s it, im going down to smyths to get a rubiks cube.

  4. ManicMammy says:

    That’s class. Have shown it to our 10 year old son, who has given up on solving his rubiks cube. He was suitably impressed.

  5. Rubicks ball? Never saw one of those before!

  6. Remember the beginning of Men In Black when all the hopefuls are at the MiB training place and the army guys shoot all the monsters but Will Smith shoots the 8 year old girl for her Quantum Physics books……. well there’s a little something about that video that makes me want to get my gun!

  7. Gav says:

    I’d just love to know where she got the 360′ from, it’s not due out for another month!

    I must say, doing the regular cube in 61 seconds is pretty good – I think my PB is about 70? Not to burst her bubble though but the Rubik’s 360 doesn’t have any mathematical/logical input or requirements, it’s literally just a game of patience. Still damn impressive.

    This is why I’ve started giving little 2x2x2 cubes to kids for their birthdays.

  8. @Gav:
    They’re all over eBay:
    Just bought one

  9. Nerd confession here. I’m old enough to still have my original Hungarian cube in the blue cardboard box from 1981. My personal best was averaged over 10 solves and I came in at 28 seconds – and still have no feeling in the tip of my index finger. For a 10 year old to be able to do a 60 second solve under timed, filmed, conditions is very impressive indeed. Good on ye girl!

    The 360 looks very scary and I reckon I might sic it on my 10 year old daughter.


  10. Ciara says:

    Well… there goes my love life.

    Thanks Mulley 🙂

    ps. Gav, stop telling people about the presents you give to children.

  11. Eoin O'Mahony says:

    She should go on the Late Late. She’d be great on the telly.

  12. Nickster says:

    “Oh my god, is Mulley being grumpy again? : eyesroll :”

  13. I saw this a while back, where a 3 year old Chinese girl did the cube live on stage, in a baby chair:
    YouTube clip

  14. Aidan says:

    himmm… why is one side marked?