Portable TV studio of the future for €470?

Expansys have an Acer laptop for sale for a whopping €179.99. It runs Linux.

Acer Laptop

7 Day Shop have a Kodak Zi6 HD video camera for €110.

A mobile broadband dongle costs anywhere from €15 to €20 a month. Over 12 months that’s €180 to €240.

So for about €470, you can record HD video, edit it and upload it to multiple places. For basic video without bells and whistles, it’s a cheap and handy rig.

5 Responses to “Portable TV studio of the future for €470?”

  1. Just watch with 7dayshop that they don’t sell you an imported product that isn’t covered by a European warranty. Wouldn’t touch ’em with a barge pole.

  2. I own an Aspire One netbook with a similar spec, except an 8GB SSD instead of HDD, I picked it up for €169 in a Currys where they were shifting the linux stock at low prices.

    They’re not bad, but they’re not laptops. Netbooks are for basic work, email, word processing, a bit of browsing on the move. I would not recommend one for something as heavy as video editing except in emergencies.

  3. Paul McClean says:

    You won’t get much HD video editing done on an Atom powered netbook. TV studios usually have a mic too 🙂

  4. For that matter, if you don’t want HD (and for practical purposes, who does) some of the current generation of smartphones might serve your needs, and in particular a notional modernised iPod Touch with a camera (I’d say this will show up in a few months) and some decent third party editing software could do the job on its own, for rather less than 470 euro.

  5. Bought one of those netbooks after seeing that on here, should be great for word processing and basic tasks on the move. Good stuff.