Fluffy Links – Saturday June 27th 2009

Suzy has some initial thoughts on the new civil partnership bill that the Greens are lauding up. They’re even marching in the Dublin Pride parade today. It’s just one more self-hammered nail in the coffin of the Greens. All social philosophies can be made toxic once a few planning laws get through. Despite Dermot Ahern saying the topic is now ended and gay couples will not get one single thing after this, the Greens are saying it’s a stepping stone, they’re still living in the same delusional world where the electorate are idiots, children in Crumlin Hospital are in no need of care (sad that they march with the gays today but not the parents of kids in Crumlin) and everyone and their warts have fast broadband. Keep forwarding those supportive emails around the office lads, that’s all that matters, not the pain you directly voted for. Stockholm syndromed Judas cunts.

The next Facebook Garage Dublin is Thursday. There are still some spaces left. Grab em.

Ann is doing a blogging workshop in Cork in July. Jaysus, this blogging thing might just take off, there’ll be awards next and the like.

The Snowman movie, music done by the Orchestra of the National Concert Hall. Get booking for December now! How many days til, you know…

Unlocked new iPhone 3GS is only a grand.

The Indo yesterday has a piece on the disaster that is the Metropolitan Area Networks project. I was also asked to stick my oar in. Delighted they left in the “rings of fibre bit”.

Jack’s far from stellar experience with eircom. Beware of upgrading!

Creating your own economy. Nice thinking.

For the Greens:

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  1. Helo says:

    M.A.N. that ring of fiber bit was inspired !