Fluffy Links – Monday 22nd of June 2009

The 18th Hothouse Programme that will start in September. Want to start a startup in Dublin? Off you go. Tell your friends.

MeasurementCamp Dublin is on June 24th (that’s Wednesday) in the Odeon from 10am to 12pm. Register to come along.

Foinse, the last Irish Language newspaper is finishing up due to lack of funding. Save Foinse is a petition to ask for them to be kept going.

Wait for the punchline with this post from Maxi.

The Centra Good News Network launches today. Twitter account. YouTube account. Will be interesting to see what they do with it.

Congrats on Locle for this nice writeup.

The Guardian crowdsources MP expenses. Great idea. Shame our pols work on an honour system. No receipts needed even when they claim up to 80k a year.


Mindapples is a social movement to promote individual self-management of mental wellbeing. The original “5-a-day” campaign encouraged people to take care of their physical health through simple daily activities, and we want to do the same thing for mental health

James points out the latest iPhone software is better for radio listening now. Play it in Safari and it keeps playing when you go back to the main menu.

Via Ewan: Filter Government sponsored news.

Via Smartmobs: Participatory Sensing

3 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday 22nd of June 2009”

  1. Declan says:

    “Shame our pols work on an honour system. No receipts needed even when they claim up to 80k a year.”

    Isnt the logic that our politicians are SO world class that they could earn billions as CEOs of major international companies, in fact rumour is Steve Jobs isnt ill at all, he just heard Bertie Ahern was available so stepped aside and spent the last 6 months months begging Bertie to guide Apple to the top of the IT world. Surely any few euros they pick up in public service are well earned.

  2. Maxi Cane says:

    Thanks for the link Damian.

  3. Thanks a million Damien for the linkage! Much appreciated!