Rent in the Olympia was most excellent

“Not bad for DCU students” is a bit patronising for what is one of the best musicals I’ve seen. These kids rock at this. While the material is decades old and probably out of sync with life today, the numbers, costumes and talent were something else. One of the most entertaining shows around, thank you to all those who put it together as I’m on a high from the energy of it. Shame some people in the audience were physically reacting with horror because the musical has gay and lesbian characters. They kiss, get over it.

Rent DCU musical

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  1. Ciara says:

    I was there last night too….they were really excellent, I couldn’t believe the quality of the singing. And when things did go wrong with one of the microphones, the guy playing Angel didn’t flinch at all. My mate had been to the Shawshank Redemption the night before and reckoned the Rent production was way more professional.

    There were a few stupid gasps of horror in front of me at the kissing too. Don’t know exactly what they thought they were going to see in Rent.

  2. Katie says:

    I really enjoyed last nights performance. In the first couple of scenes in the apartment at the beginning I thought the acting was incredibly wooden but when the numbers kicked in I really got into it.

    My fiance hadnt been to a musical in years so i was looking forward to gaging his reaction. He said it made him want to go to more musicals (but dont tell the lads!).. ha..


  3. UnaRocks says:

    “Shame some people in the audience were physically reacting with horror because the musical has gay and lesbian characters.”

    – what tools. Did they not know what they were going to see?

  4. Nellboy says:

    what??… gays were kissing??… that’s it, i’m calling Joe Duffy first thing on Monday Morning… 😉

  5. “the numbers, costumes and talent were something else”

    As costume manager for the show, you have made my day, good sir.

  6. Fiona Ashe says:

    Great to see the DCU Drama Society achieving such a high standard. It continues the professional level of shows being staged by other groups such as the Glasnevin Musical Society’s “Jekyll & Hyde” and Navan Musical Society’s “Jane Eyre”. There’s so much talent in musical societies in Ireland. Please continue to support all of their shows.

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  9. Willie White says:

    I agree w/ Una Rocks, what did they think they were going to see. Particularly embarrassing when we can see multicoloured flags proudly flying all along the Liffey.

  10. lilly says:

    I was at thursday’s performance too and it was amazing! had seen it in the helix and was delighted they got the recognition they deserved and got the stint in the olympia! Have had the songs in my head since! Such amazing voices in the cast! Well done guys!!