“most of them are black as well, would you put a little colour on your face?”

Partridge Kenny gets 90% of €850k a year for this:

Is this racist? I very much doubt it’s hate speech but it is rather dense. Now, if Gerry Ryan said the same thing, would we think it was someone out of touch or more? What if Tommy Tiernan said it?

12 Responses to ““most of them are black as well, would you put a little colour on your face?””

  1. CiaránMac says:

    A facepalm moment.

  2. Eoin O'Mahony says:

    So in order to be a dancer in New York you have to (a) be black, or (b) put on blackface. That’s where I’m going wrong.

  3. UnaRocks says:

    It doesn’t matter if he meant it to be racist or not – it’s fucking stupid and offensive. He’s basically encouraging a 7-year-old to become a minstrel! Just because it’s Pat Patridge, and we’re relatively used to his gaffs at this stage, doesn’t mean it’s any less shocking. If an American or British television presenter said the same thing they would be in serious trouble. The lack of indignation about this (offline, because there has been a fair amount of message board action) just shows our own collective acceptance of such imbecilic casual racism and ignorance.

  4. Sweary says:

    Yer man Aragorn there doesn’t seem too offended.

  5. It also presents worrying evidence that Pat may be over 100 years old.

  6. I think we are being a little over sensitive here guys. Given the language used in much of hip hop culture I think the ‘homies’ back in NY and around the world wont take too much offence at what was at worst a somewhat thoughtless though innocent comment from Mr Kenny.

  7. John Braine says:

    Here’s Pat getting ready for some body popping:

  8. Ronan: Blackface has historically been considered particularly offensive.

  9. Eoin says:

    @Sweary: that’s because he’s whitie’d up himself.

  10. johnmryan says:

    Yes, I gasped when I saw this, but no one else in the room seem to get what was wrong with what he said, so I dropped it, it seems like he started and dug an even deeper hole

  11. Dave says:

    That video’s been taken down; there’s a copy here.

    Also: Jesus Fuck – and I’m paying for this?