San Francisco here I come

Off to San Francisco this weekend for a few days, a mixture of work stuff and holiday. I know the work stuff will happen anyway. I’m also attending a workshop by Garr Reynolds and Nancy Duarte and going to be at the Y Combinator Demo Day.

where the rainbow rules
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Course I’ll try and get to the MOMA too. And some island or other that Nic Cage made famous. Any other suggestions?

Places that do good or weird food too please!

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  1. Phil says:

    lucky bastard. Hope you have a great time.

  2. Leo says:


    Two things that I did while over there; cycle across the Golden Gate, and visit Muir Woods.

    You can rent a bike in various places around the Embarcadero. They’ll provide maps and ferry tickets. You then cycle across the Golden Gate, and on into Sausalito. You then get the ferry back to the city. If you feel like it you can go further onto Tiburon, and even stop off at the Angel Island Park.

    Muir Woods is up in Marin County, and is a National Park that’s got lots of Coastal Redwoods.

  3. Oh you lucky fucker is all that I will say. Wish I was heading over there ๐Ÿ™‚ enjoy!

  4. JL Pagano says:

    Say hi to my mom for me she lives near Union Square…

    Seriously, enjoy.

  5. If you’re in Oakland / Berkeley you should check out Jazz and Sushi? Only in America..

    My brother is the GM, so let me know if you’re heading there.

  6. whoopsadaisy says:

    Suggestion – bring warm clothes, as far as I remember it was one of the windiest places I’ve ever been!
    A visit to Fisherman’s Wharf, a walk on the Golden Gate Bridge, a trip on the tram, all the usuals. It’s a really long time since I was there so I can’t remember much else…oh except for Ripley’s Believe It or Not but really…you’d have to bored out of your mind for that, lol

  7. Mick says:

    If you like a BIG breakfast, head here

    Evening food is quite nice too.

  8. Dave says:

    Take a ride on the F streetcar, it runs the length of Market St up to Castro, the other Muni street cars run underground along Market St. so you see nowt!

    You can get the cable car from Powell and Market

    Pier 39 at the end of the Embarcadero is a tourist trap, but worth at least one visit. Theres a nice walk along the Embarcadero from the Ferry Building at the end of Market St all the way up to Pier 39, but avoid if the fog is in as it will be freezing and you will not see anything

    Also, if you can squeez it in, take a trip to Lake Tahoe on the California/Nevada border for skiing/gambling

  9. DanielaSabatini says:


    Go and visit Yerba Buena Center for the Arts much cooler than SFMOMA

    Lucky duck!

  10. Drop in on Dave Winer in Berkeley.

  11. Rumour has it that the Castro District has some nice bars and friendlt people.

  12. Trinity says:

    I was there a couple of years back; some friends of mine lived there at the time. Loved San Francisco, always wanted to go back. They lived just a few blocks from the Haight-Ashbury. I was on the Presidio for the 4th of July and it was fecking freezing! It was so cold and foggy you couldnโ€™t even see the fireworks so we just scoffed donuts on the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

    There is just so much to do there and so much to see! You have to go to Alcatraz and take a sconce around the rock. Skate down Lombard Street ๐Ÿ™‚ Berkley is a must! And take a trip around the University. There are some fab restaurants in San Francisco. The one that stands out for me was The Stinking Rose โ€“ I just had to try the Garlic Icecream. There are also bound to be a few good gigs on somewhere. Check that out as well. Also, you gota go to Chinatown. I picked up quite a few nick naks there and still have some gorgalicious Jasmine Tea. The Castro โ€“ check out the shops there! Then there is the Bridge, and off hand what rings a bell, is the Herbert Theatre!

  13. Enda Madden says:

    Hire a car and drive North up towards Bodega Bay (Hitchcock, The Birds). Stop at all the Oyster bars on the way up, each place has a different style. Personal favourite is grilled Oysters with barbecue sauce.

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  15. Kieran says:

    You can’t go far wrong. San Francisco is such an amazing city. The two years I lived there were two of the best… Leo’s right about Muir Woods, and worth checking out Mission district. Also agree about those oysters! Have a great time.

  16. Trinity says:

    oh hec, I meant the Herbst Theatre above and not Herbert! That’s what I get for reading Frank at the same time!

  17. Joy Redmond says:

    If you hook up with my mate @dervalah, give her a hug from me. Enjoy

  18. – Specs (opposite Vesuvios) – excellent dive bar
    – Echo comments re: bike ride – get a bike and cross the bridge (in fact they have great deals on bikes in general if you choose to use one as your main way to get around)
    – Yank Sing (dim sum….)
    – Brandy Ho’s Hunan Food – awesome! (if you like Hunan)
    – Cafe Maritime – brilliant and cheap seafood with killer cocktails

  19. Whale watching from pier, Sunday morning

    Enjoy, K

  20. [1] In n Out Burger (yes it’s a burger chain but it’s so fucking good)
    [2] Fry’s – Mecca for geeks.

  21. Jim Carroll says:

    Have breakfast at Dottie’s True Blue cafe. Best breakfast on the west coast, dude

  22. uvox says:

    fry’s isn’t in san francisco.

    go to: red room beside the commodore hotel on sutter, amoeba records on haight and stanyan, people’s cafe on haight and masonic, noc-noc on lower haight (forget the x-street), cafe fleur on markey and valencia (i think). java cafe out at the ocean for an irish breakfast, dissident style.

    but most of all, why don’t you go to starbucks in laurel village any night of the week at *midnight* and see what a wired community of young people could be like in the country if anyone had a fucking clue. even better, as eamon ryan will be in SF at the same time, bring him along and show him.

  23. Ryan is in San Fran this weekend, then New York before and during Paddy’s Day

  24. Clare says:

    Have a fab time, ya lucky git ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Lar Veale says:

    Hi Damien,

    try the stinking rose restaurant – it’s all about the garlic –

    Enjoy the trip,


  26. Ciarรกn says:

    Hi Damien,

    I second the suggestions that you cycle across the bridge. Get the ferry back from Sausalito. We used Blazing Saddles and they were grand. You can hire the bike and buy a ferry ticket off them.

    Also, if you’re prepared to travel, we really liked Thanh Long (their webpage is here) out near sunset beach. We got the tram out (about 30 mins), booked ourselves in, took a walk along the beach then back for dinner. Beautiful, especially if you time the end of your walk for sunset.

  27. uvox says:

    also: House of Naking on Kearney and Jackson- best chinese food in the city. they’ll treat you like shit, but what the fuck the food is superb. Best seafood in the city is PJ’s Oyster Beds at 9th and Irving. 24 Hour eats try Cafe Babylon on Market (close to the Castro). For Burgers – Bill’s Place on Clement and 24th (or thereabouts). Washbag in Washington Square (Frank McCourts brother is back behind the bar), and Edinburgh Castle in the Tenderloin for drinks (fave old hang out of Irvine Welsh and myself). The “new” de young museum is worth a visit. Stay away from the United Irish Cultural Center on Sloat. Complete paddywhackery.

  28. Frank Bradley says:

    If you’re into books then the City Lights Bookstore – – on Columbus Avenue is a must.