Normal service etc.

The Blog Awards, being tomorrow means I have no free time at all to witter away here posting videos and links to shiny things.


Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – White Corolla

5 Responses to “Normal service etc.”

  1. Damien,

    Can you tell me whether it’s true that Irish Economy did not post from July – November 2008 (inclusive)?

    If so, why did you consider this blog eligible for consideration in the Irish Blog awards?

    I’d like to clarify this before I put anything on my blog.

  2. Damien,
    Did you delete my comment which was a question about how Irish Economy was eligible? If so, I’m shocked. You must have a good reason. I also sent the same question direct to Irish Economy.

    In case I didn’t post it right and you didn’t delete it, please let me know if you know what I’m talking about.

  3. It’s called a moderation policy Paul. You first comment(s) need to be approved.

  4. Well done on a hugely successful night. They say that successful events are events where it’s not obvious how much work has been done and how many different sources have been pulled together. You certainly pulled it . Everything was seemless.