Maybe they should be called

Director of communications company tells me about C U Next Tuesday on Twitter and how that bad word is in my Twitter profile url and it’s obscene. I act shocked and confused. What ever does she mean? The penny eventually drops and old-skool type deleting of the mess happens (Aside: Oh yes and after finding out Rupert Murdoch owns Facebook, she deleted her profile):

Director of telling Damien what C U Next Tuesday really means

Director of telling Damien what C U Next Tuesday really means

So after that, she deletes all those messages to me as if it didn’t happen. Liam makes a comment and she thanks him for his support:

Liam is thanked for his support

Liam is thanked for his support

He says he didn’t support her. She deletes that message but they still show up in the Twitter timeline.

So the nuclear option is taken, the whole Twitter account is wiped. I’ll leave it to Liam for his take:

Liam's take

Liam's take

There’s a case study in this on how NOT to engage with an online community. I dunno what rule number it is but Rule No. Yellow is: Don’t join an online community and tell them how they should behave on their space especially if done in your language not theirs. Understanding a community takes time, you need immersion. If someone has Cuntfuckistan as their URL then there’s a strong chance it was put their on purpose. It’s not like I bent down to tie my lace and someone changed my profile URL.

14 Responses to “Maybe they should be called”

  1. Michele says:

    I still don’t understand how they managed to make that leap. Am I missing something?

  2. A few years ago, the Gardai bought a new IT system called PULSE, which is an acronym for Police Using Leading Systems Effectively. I thought the title was a bit weak and didn’t adequately describe what it did, so I wrote to the Commissioner suggesting a new name: Cops Using New Technology Sometimes.

    Strangely enough, I haven’t yet received an answer.

  3. M Buckley says:

    Is everybody on the sherry?

  4. Ah…

    It is perhaps unsurprising, but still quite disappointing, that ‘communication’ and PR companies are among the first to go with a cover-up.

    Even about stupid things like this, it seems…

  5. Is this person not just a bit of a nutter?

  6. Joe Scanlon says:

    Fuck, I hope DigitalDame is gone for good. If Grandad gets wind of this I could run into serious trouble. He has kinda promised that I would win the next “Silver Haired Internet Technology” award. But if he sees this he may change his mind and award it to this eejit. Please delete this post? and this comment of course? Maybe you could delete your blog too – you know for Google to clear itself up – or whatever it needs to do, cash? or something? I dunno – I own several large IT companies so i’ve heard such words been used? CUNTFUCKISTAN!

  7. Neil says:

    That’s fucking brilliant. I sincerely hope she’s googling herself today, and realising what an utter twat she was…

  8. Darren says:

    What a twat! And to go ahead and delete it all – coward.

  9. Neil says:


    This charming person just contacted a friend of mine through twitter to tell him she’s thinking about sueing me for defamation because of my above comment!


  10. Ah, legal notices through Twitter! The future, now!

    (The prosecuting barrister will be an MSN bot.)

  11. (I wonder what the defamation was? Is calling someone a twat defamation?)

  12. Nev Farrell says:

    Getting sued on twitter
    @plaintiff – what happened?
    @judge – I dunno. It all happened in the space of about 4 tweets…
    @defendant – What do you plead?
    @judge – Not guilty
    @witness – please come to the stand, now.

    Online PR is really and truly fucked.