Fluffy Links – Sunday December 28th 2008

Another Collison is online and blogging. Lily Collison is here. Two potential Best Newcomers at the Blog Awards.

Bit late to this but holy fuck, there’s Irish craftsmanship right there!

Colm Brophy gets Obamaified and shows you how to do the same.

Via Alexia. Someone got a tat saying they love Helvetica. Now I have a tattoo that has Helvetica font but crikey, I wouldn’t declare my love for a person on my skin, let alone a font.

Nice t-shirt from James.

Congrats to SCC English for winning Best Group Blog at the eddies.

Jason talks Declarations and Mary-Lou McFootinMouth.

Haydn on the privileges of communication.

Backtype. Time to stalk.


Innocent when you dream maybe?

4 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Sunday December 28th 2008”

  1. lilinator says:

    Thanks for the fluffy link. Not sure I’m ready for glitzy and glamorous award ceremonies yet

  2. Trinity says:

    ‘Fluffy Links – Monday December 29th’
    Are you a bit ahead of yourself today! I’d swear it’s Sunday 🙂

  3. @Trinity Serves me right for writing that at 2am this morning and setting thr date while blurry eyed! Changed title now.

    @Lily I like the yet part of that comment 🙂

  4. Scary. That Backtype thing will really show us how schizophrenic I are.