Giving Thanks – Via LinkedIn

It being the season of goodwill and all of that, it’s worth noting that this can be done in many many ways. Right now with the recession biting and many good people being let go or made go part-time, it’s worth making a little effort in pointing out to others the good work they’ve done with/for you. Other people don’t even know it but they’ll be let go soon too. It’s unfortunately inevitable. One way for me to give thanks to people is LinkedIn, where over the next few days I’ll try and recommend as many people that I worked with as I can.

Map at Nemuro Station
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It doesn’t take much effort at all to make a recommendation but might be of immense benefit to the person you’re recommending. Don’t do it for any other reason than to recommend the other person. Don’t expect reciprocity. Also don’t ask for recommendations from people you haven’t worked with. That’s messy.

On that topic, please note I’ll be doing that LinkedIn thingymajig with it@cork next week and I’ll put the notes for it online after it. 50 people have so far registered for it. I would have thought events like this would have been snapped by a recruitment company to sponsor… 😉

3 Responses to “Giving Thanks – Via LinkedIn”

  1. Fergal says:

    Great idea – I am going to go and do some recommending.

  2. Brendan says:

    Yes superb idea, never enough of this type of thing about the place and never enough praise given in the course of most working days, we should always make the time to say well done where it is merited.
    Of course some people go to other extremes and their constant praise becomes meaningless. Still one pleasant comment can change the outlook of someone for the day

  3. annette says:

    What a great idea Damien and thank you for your lovely comment on my LinkedIn – I’m going to spend today spreading the word (and the thanks)