And the winner of the SEO competition is…

The winner of that competition is, if we go to

Winner of Geansai Gorm competition

Congratulations to Paul Savage for his Geansai Gorm site

Honourable mentions: Cormac Moylan for going pure Irish and including the fada and seeing where it brought him. Some nice research into how Google really doesn’t pay attention to the Irish language too.

Keith Shirley for running Google Search Ads just for this competition. A fantastic way of getting the attention of the people interested in this competition. Well done Keith.

Shame we saw some sites banned by Google for spamming. Hilarious that a fake press release made news in Limerick.

Many of those involved found it a learning experience though some I’m sure were bored to death by it too being the experts that they are. For the Web Awards 09 there’ll be some kind of practical part that will either be about pure SEO or recognise it. (Best Practice this year had an SEO element to it.)

12 Responses to “And the winner of the SEO competition is…”

  1. Cormac says:

    Congratulations Paul. You rock, man!

    And well done Damien for setting up the comp. Not an easy job to undertake.

  2. James says:

    Congratulations to all and to Paul. It was actually a good bit of fun messing about and seeing how Google reacts to certain things.

    As Cormac said thanks Damien for setting it up it was fun to mess about against a bit of competition and try out some new things while not doing any major harm to any “real” rankings

  3. Joe Scanlon says:

    Well done to Paul and all others that took part!

  4. It was a fun idea and hopefully as reports trickle through we’ll get to pick up some good info. I had actually expected a lot more spam but it seems to have been kept to a minimum.

    I’m glad I chickened out at an early stage now that I see how much work some people invested.

    Congratulations to Paul – Well done.

  5. @Damien I take it the fact that I didn’t get a bollocking means I owe you a pint.

  6. ggwinner dot com says:

    Congratulations Paul ! You had it all the way.
    Thank you all for the fun I had and I hope we’ll all have a pint one day…( on me of course ).
    And Damien, as all the others said….great ideea!
    ggwinner dot com ( ex )

  7. John O'Neill says:

    Congratulations Paul, great result.
    Well done Damien, class competition, enjoyed by many.


  8. Louie says:

    Well done Paul.

  9. paul savage says:

    Thanks for everyone’s wishes. It was great to be part of the competition. Interesting to see other SEOs tactics. There were some really good entries, and some smart ideas.

    In all I had 788 unique visitors and 5,947 page views. The keyword “geansai gorm” delivered 531 of these visitors.

    I think I will leave the website up until after Christmas, in case anyone wants to nose around.


  10. msbcentral says:

    Congratulations Paul, well done!

  11. […] Yesterday I provisionally muttered that Paul would win the SEO competition, and low and behold; he has. […]

  12. Leon Quinn says:

    Well done Paul, maybe the links to you on my blog helped in some way!!

    Only pullin your tits…