Tuesday Push – Oct 7th 2008 – LouderVoice

LouderVoice for Business

They finally allowed us to give them a push. LouderVoice has been about for a good bit now and for those unaware of it, it’s a service that allows people to review anything they want and have the review republished to their blog or elsewhere. There are loads of ways to send in reviews too from Twitter and Jaiku (sub-niche site, don’t worry about it) to SMS.

I’ve done many a review on the site and it’s simplicity personified. The latest addition is a white-label type service that allows a business to import in their own reviews system that’s actually powered by LouderVoice. It’s called LouderVoice for Business. Now *thats* a very good idea. Like the tagline of “Connecting Commerce and Customers” too.

Conor O’Neill is the posterboy too for LouderVoice and is one of the greatest promoters of Irish tech talent I’ve ever encountered and it’s about time we talked him and his offering up since the Irish tech community would not be what it is without him.

For me, being a stats junkie, I’d love to see some kind of sentiment measurement for the site. X% like Sony products this week, general mood has increased y% etc. etc. Good luck too to LouderVoice who are shortlisted for the Moviestar.ie Web Awards.

If you want your technology/product listed on the Tuesday Push, then fill in this form here. We’re not interested in some rebadged or reskinned piece of technology, you have to have added some kind of IP to your service. To see the benefits of the Tuesday Push, read Gordon’s blog post on it.

6 Responses to “Tuesday Push – Oct 7th 2008 – LouderVoice”

  1. Thanks Damien. As the DB fills, we’ll be adding lots of stats. On the Biz end, we’ll soon have a full analytics dashboard to let clients slice n dice every attribute of the incoming review data.

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