Hello European Commission folks!

Seems my mug and that of Cian and Damian (and my wonderful Macbook Air) are on the front of the European Commission website at the moment. (Massive screencap here)

There’s a news item about the conference on Saturday. EC seem happy with how it went. Small screencap:
European Commission Blogging

I can smell the whiff of crayons being taken out of boxes right now as letters of complaint get written. Perhaps.

4 Responses to “Hello European Commission folks!”

  1. gimmeaminute says:

    I’m using my crayon to scribble in an amusing moustache and glasses combo.

  2. John P says:

    My god, Damien. The face cream is really working well! Or have you been airbrushed 😉 ?

    You look about 12 3/4 years old!

  3. Eoin says:

    I sent it straight to Photoshop Disasters.

  4. tipster says:

    Nice one. Sad euro-geek that I am, I do visit the Commission’s site two or three times a week, but rarely the front page. (But what was the photographer at getting you to hold you mouth open in that pose?)