Tuesday Push 23rd September 2008 – DownloadMusic.ie

Download Music

Probably an established brand in the Irish Web Scene these days, DownloadMusic.ie is a simple service with all the complex stuff hidden away. Buy music off the site or via their SMS shortcode. You get a copy sent to the phone and to an online download link so you can have a copy on your computer too. All for a euro.

I’ve already covered the album that they brought out. One of the guys behind the site is Johnny Beirne who has been a music fan forever and always has been involved with independent music in Ireland so this site sprung from his passion in this area. Some of the best businesses out there have been created by people that have been immersed in their market and want to improve it or see a painpoint that can be addressed.

If you’ve not seen DownloadMusic.ie before, go and have a look.

If you want your technology/product listed on the Tuesday Push, then fill in this form here. We’re not interested in some rebadged or reskinned piece of technology, you have to have added some kind of IP to your service. To see the benefits of the Tuesday Push, read Gordon’s blog post on it.

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  2. Johnny says:

    Thanks again for the push. See the numbers – http://url.ie/r6w