Time to start a business/time to upskill

Start your own business with Hothouse

If you’re thinking of starting your own business then Hothouse.ie might be for you:

We are currently taking applications for the DIT Hothouse www.hothouse.ie program starting on September 19th.

The Hothouse is a one year training and mentoring programme for knowledge based start up businesses. The main points of note are:

* Free incubation space for 1 year

* Ten sessions with a business mentor

* Workshops on key business topics

* Access to funding

You can apply by emailing Brendan.ring@pdc.ie or Bernadette.oreilly@pdc.ie

Subsidised Six Sigma Training

Meanwhile, if you want to upskill your company than SQT in Limerick are doing Six Sigma training in Dublin and Limerick which has been massively subsidised by FAS and Chambers Business School. Six Sigma training, normally around the 13k mark is on offer for 3k.

(Disclaimer: I’ve done some consultancy work with SQT)

5 Responses to “Time to start a business/time to upskill”

  1. PutPlace.com, Muzu.tv, SentryWireless.com, SchoolSpace.ie and onlinetradesmen.com are a few of the most recent graduates of the HotHouse program. I can highly recommend it.

    It also provides a fast track to CORD funding.


  2. I’m in the Hothouse right now. It’s the best course of it’s type in the country and I can’t recommend it enough either. Great for technology startups looking for some business advice and some initial funding.

  3. Ted Laverty says:

    As a previous participant I would have no hesitation in recommending the Hotouse programme. EI CORD funding apart (as not everyone will get it) it provides would be entrepreneurs with a grounding in the business and operational skills needed to get up and running. The workshops cover most topics from marketing to finance and personal development. Most importantly it also provides you with an a good network of mentors and entrepreneurs for your business.

  4. […] if worth checking out the NEPP site. Mulley has already blogged about similar programmes at hothouse (docklands), sepp (south east) and m50 (Tallaght IT)  if you’re located outside of the […]

  5. Machelle says:

    Hey……I’m new to the world of online business start up’s and blogging but am trying to learn as much as I can. I’ve been self employed my whole life but doing the more traditional things like running a 9 -5 company.

    I have just come to learn that I value my time with family more than I value owning a large company.

    Any help or ideas would be great, I hope to get to know a few people and learn some tricks.