Irish Companies on Twitter

I’ve already mentioned Recruit Ireland being on Twitter. Twitter account here. But there are more too:

For example:
Muzu TV is on Twitter and having fun.
Conduit Ireland are there.
Vodafone Ireland – not sure is this an official or unofficial or faux account.
Setanta Sports.

Any more out there?

Update: Yes there are –
Poetry Ireland
Bubble Brothers and here.
iQ Content
Litriocht – online book shop
Herb Street Restaurant
Electric Picnic
Irish Music TV

El Alma del Ebro
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48 Responses to “Irish Companies on Twitter”

  1. Julian says:

    Have you already mentioned Bubble Brothers?

  2. Des Traynor says:

    I know it’s probably to be expected , but iQContent are also on there at

  3. le craic says:

    Very surprised that the AA doesn’t twitter updates on latest traffic situation. It would be very good PR if the M50 people set up a twitter to give status updates when it goes barrier free shortly.

  4. Paul McClean says:

    Most of the RTE feeds are on there, thanks to a kind soul called Darran Crowley:

  5. shane says:

    Few examples of start stop ones in the Limerick region from smaller enterprises, including Absolute hotel and Ciarans Cafe-
    neither of which have been updated in months. Limerick Independent spend Wednesday morning putting up most of the headlines from that week but then nothing until the following week.
    There is also a Galway And Cork Indie twitter feed

  6. cgarvey says:

    Big difference in a company being “on” Twitter, versus a company posting their RSS feeds to Twtiter, with no interaction of any sort!


    Stop/start but there… Shamefully has a mis-types URL.

  8. Alexia says:

    Another one that quickly comes to mind is

    Started building something like this, but with an eye to Irish Twitter Brands. Basically, an Irish version of this. But obviously, a * lot * smaller.

    Mind if I link back here when I’m done? Perhaps, grab a few that I missed?

  9. Michele says:

    Muzu’s updates are protected – sort of defeats the entire thing….

  10. Crewger is on there –>

    Tweeting about Irish indy films and all that sort of stuff.

  11. […] If you’re new here, you might like to subscribe using our RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! What with having so much time on our hands for idle mooching through the forest of new-fangled ways of doing things, you can now, if you’ve a mind to, follow Bubble Brothers via Twitter (precisely, @bubblebrothers).  We are one of a select but growing gang of Irish businesses drawing attention to themselves in this way.  Damien Mulley recently posted a round-up. […]

  12. Steven Grant says:

    We (oriel recruitment) have started using it in the hope of making us a little more accessible to the candidates that we are working with. People have a misconception of what goes on with a recruitment agency so hoping that Twitter can help us out with this. or

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  14. Dave Kelly says:

    Hi Damien,

    Just to let you know, the url for Herb Street is wrong – it’s pointing to Irish Music TV.


  15. Damien says:

    Oops, thanks Dave!

  16. Gordon says:

    The goings on of eWrite can be followed on Twitter too:

  17. Dave says:

    and also amuze is also on twitter

  18. Daragh says:

    Here’s another for the list,


  19. Hi,
    I am the marketing manager for Tipperary Institute and we are twitter. I know we are not exactly a company more of an institute but it would be great to get a listing.

  20. […] of businesses use Twitter to good effect, using it as a means to promote their services and interact with new or existing […]

  21. Andrew Jurgilas says:

    count mee in too, please..

  22. are on twitter too, connecting Munster rugby supporters together. Love if you would add us to the list too Damien.

  23. Katie Conway says:

    Hi Damien.

    O’Reilly Recruitment tweet.

  24. AutoLeasing says:

    We are another Irish business on Twitter

  25. […] list of media folk that twitter, with only a little overlap. Damien also has a very nice list of Irish companies on […]

  26. Petrina Timoney says:

    Hi Damien,

    Bewley’s are now on Twitter also –


  27. Michele says:

    Petrina – the .com bit is obviously a typo 🙂

  28. Don’t forget us tweeting job updates at and some more stuff coming soon…

  29. Dee says:

    Travelodge Ireland is another business on twitter

  30. Noel Green says:

    Hi Damien, would like to update you on joining twitter. We are an Irish online company and showroom is at 11 Irishtown Kilkenny. Original Compulsive Design specialises in vintage design, mid century modern and 20th Century design, furniture, ceramics, glass and art for the modern home

  31. VoIP says:

    Blueface has signed up on twitter recently :

  32. Aiden Kenny says:

    Hi Damien, just like to add BFK branding consultants to your list.
    Although currently we are only posting links to articles on our website and have not spent too much time adding followers and such.

  33. Hi Damien,

    Great topic. We’ve just got our Twitter up and running over here at Loopthing.

  34. Ian Wortley says:

    Jackie Brown Medical the Recruitment Agency are on Twitter too at

    Our jobs are being posted automatically by

  35. Keith says: is 1 year old today we decided to give the site a new look and feel for our loyal 500K regular users, we also decided to join twitter so that anyone can get the best of on the go…you can find us @

  36. Hi Damien
    Dec Fitzgerald of Microsoft brought this link to the attention of the Irish Recruiters Group (950+ members and growing) last night at a meet-up that we had in Dublin last night. Hope to see more of my fellow group members posing their twitter handles here. FYI, ours is
    We’re an overseas headhunter.
    Might be a good idea to update this list as some of the companies you listed last year have stopped tweeting yet many more new ones have joined the revolution!


  37. Peter says:

    Hi Damien,

    Compulearn in Clonmel has signed up on twitter recently :

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  39. Paul says:

    Hi Damien, is the official account for and the Daft Media group.


  40. Dave Davis says:

    Hey Damien,
    Would you mind adding Redfly Marketing?

    Many thanks!

  41. Veronica says:

    Frs Recruitment and Frs Homecare are using Twitter, could these be added also?

    Thank you

  42. Wholesale says:

    WholesaleIreland is now on twitter. We tweet news alerts and economic data!

  43. Hi Damien,
    Irish Home Care and home Help service provider Bluebird Care is now on twitter @ . Could you please add this also.