Recruit Ireland understand Web 2.blah

Well done to Recruit Ireland who seem to have an understanding about how the 2008 web is working.

RecruitIreland Web 2.0

Not only are they doing RSS job feeds but they also have a Twitter profile and have an application for Facebook allowing people to search for jobs. They also have a Bebo profile, though no job search app on that just yet.

I’m most impressed with the Twitter profile because they’re using it in the best way it can be used.

RecruitIreland Twitter

It’s not broadcast. It’s interacting with people and has a person behind it. Too many people don’t realise that “social media” brings back most value when there’s a personality and a friendly manner. Blogs work best when it’s a person writing and interacting with people leaving comments though it could just be used to house press releases, Facebook could be used for a bland profile but it becomes more valuable when those connected to you get some banter back and likewise with Twitter, you can just use it to link to new blog posts (and this can be automated) or you can use it to interact and immerse with people.

See, the more human you make your business interactions with other humans the more value it has. That’s how social media works best. It’s harder work though, maybe that’s why so many companies take shortcuts and screw it all up? It’s great to see Recruit ireland become human. Their blog must be just around the corner so. 🙂

3 Responses to “Recruit Ireland understand Web 2.blah”

  1. Vicki says:

    Thanks Damien…

  2. Paul Anthony says:

    Recruitment sites are mostly all behind the times, I cant remember how many times I haved mailed RecruitNI asking where the freaking RSS feeds are. Idiotic for recruitment not to get in on social media.

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