That Media Training thing – August 6th in Dublin

This media training for startups I mentioned will take place in Dublin on August 6th. City centre venue will be announced soon. I’ve emailed everyone that put their names down for it and the response rate has been quite low. Perhaps it got thrown into the spam folder? 🙂 If you didn’t get my email about it, let me know.

There may be upcoming sessions for those that want the legal basics for starting a company and if enough tech companies attend, specifics for tech companies might be covered. Anyone interested in a legal bootcamp for startups? It won’t be done by me, obviously.

8 Responses to “That Media Training thing – August 6th in Dublin”

  1. Andy says:

    You can stick my name down for the 6th August course, I’d certainly be interested!

  2. Gordon says:

    Stick me down for the legal basics please.

  3. pat phelan says:

    told ya you should have taken the innovation vouchers 🙂 in fact I think I have a few coal vouchers lying around from the 80’s aren’t we back there?
    Would they cover it?

  4. Sign me up for stuff after aug 26th (back in Dublin).


  5. Rahood says:

    Would the legal basics cover the hassle of getting a .ie

  6. D says:

    Unfortunately I can’t go, but if you published the slides/documents as a pdf or maybe as a mini lulu book, I wouldn’t mind purchasing them..

  7. Darren Carter says:

    Did I miss the boat?!? Any space left for Dublin on the 5th?

  8. Darren Carter says:

    …sorry meant the 6th!