PR and Media training for Irish Tech companies / startups

The three biggest threats to a company that want to get media coverage are these:

Copy and paste

The Control (or command) key, the C key and the V key. In other words copying and pasting.

Forget the idea about some journalist wearing down shoe leather, wearing a hat with a press card on it and beating down doors trying to find your companyjust because it’s amazing. Journalists these days have much more to do than ever before and have press releases clogging up their inboxes twenty four hours a day. Look at the amount of downsizing in newsrooms and the increasing reliance on syndication.

If you are a startup and you are run by geniuses, you still need to market yourself and you still need to get the attention of the press to aid in the marketing of your company. Why should a journalist give you coverage if you sit in your office and expect them to find you via some magic journalistic yellow pages?

With that in mind and via repeated suggestions from a few parties :), I’m going to run a half-day paid workshop on dealing with the media/doing PR from a Tech company perspective. If there’s interest of course. Maximum of 11 per session. Minimum of 9.

We’ll go through how Irish media works (from my perspective), how to approach journalists and build a working relationship with them, what makes good press copy, how to run a combined media campaign and some basic interview skills training for print and radio.

Interested? Then leave a comment or send me an email with a preference for Cork or Dublin.

29 Responses to “PR and Media training for Irish Tech companies / startups”

  1. Ken Stanley says:

    Great idea. You can count me in for a Dublin workshop!

  2. Dublin please 🙂

  3. David Behan says:

    I’d be interested in this too Damien. Dublin gets my vote.

  4. Derek Organ says:

    I’m interested too. Dublin

  5. Mary Carty says:

    Hi Damien,

    Count me in. Another vote for Dublin.

  6. Dave Rooney says:

    Dublin please 🙂

  7. Nice one Damien. Dublin if only because I can catch the train. And after 12th August would be great – so I can actually attend. Hopefully cast off that day 🙂


  8. Yes please .o/

    And (not wanting to buck the trend) it’s a Dublin vote for me too.

  9. Karen Harper says:

    Dublin for me too please!

  10. Hate to add to the Dublin gravity field, but Dublin please.

  11. Damien says:

    10 for Dublin so far.

  12. pat phelan says:

    Dublin me arse
    see ya in the real capital Damien, I’m in, need all the help I can get

  13. Deborah says:

    Limited to tech only companies? Could be extremely useful to me, but not sure if I fit profile. If so, either location. 🙂

  14. Pat,

    Come on up, we have hot and cold running water and electricity in almost every home 🙂


  15. Include me in too. My vote is for Bandon. Or Dublin at a push.

  16. John Collins says:


    If you’re interested I’d be happy to come along for half an hour and give some perspective from the journo’s point of view.


  17. Count me in for Cork.

  18. Niall Larkin says:

    Great idea. If I’m not too late. Dublin please 🙂

  19. Sabrina Dent says:

    Cork, please. I’m in and I will march at least three clients in at gun point. The ones who want to go the least are the ones who need to go the most. Ain’t that always the way?

  20. Would be IDEAL for me…. in start up stage, hoping to launch my website in next few months. I’m based in Cork, but would travel to Dublin for it. With all the interest…would you consider running 2 courses, one in Dublin, one in Cork??

  21. one more for cork

  22. Cool. I’m with Conor on the Cork one, Cheers

  23. Damien says:

    Email sent out to everyone about the event. August 6th for Dublin, not enough numbers yet for a Cork one.

  24. […] you may want to subscribe to my site using a feedreader or email. Thanks for visiting – Damien.This media training for startups I mentioned will take place in Dublin on August 6th. City centre venue will be announced soon. […]

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  26. Cormac says:

    ^ One more for the Cork show. Thanks.

  27. Colin Cooney says:

    Whereabouts is the Aug 6th one being held in Dublin? How much? And it it full yet? All the info is probably around here somewhere so I’ll keep looking.

  28. […] to my site using a feedreader or email. Thanks for visiting – Damien.Feedback so far on the Media Training class on Wednesday has been quite positive and I hope that those on the course will start popping up in […]

  29. Nellboy says:

    Hey Damien

    looks interesting, i’d be up for attending the cork one, if i’m not too late, and if it’s not too expensive… What’s the damage?