wants your feedback

I’m working with Roger from at the moment to get feedback from the Irish Blogging Community on how they want to see progress. A survey is now up asking people what changes they’d like to see to the site and in what priority. Roger won an Award at the first Blog Awards for his contribution to the Irish Blogging community because of the way brought so many of us together. It’s still a community focused site today.

There will be some changes to the way the site looks as well as some under the hood changes to add some features which will hopefully make the site even more useful. While we’re excited about some of the changes we think can be made, the crowd and the community always trump the ideas of a few. So tell what you want to see from the site.

Please also spread the word and encourage as many others as possible to give feedback via the survey. The more the merrier.

5 Responses to “ wants your feedback”

  1. Phil O'Kane says:

    a few years ago i checked all the time. it was my main source of reading and discovering many of the irish bloggers than i know today.

    then the site wasn’t updated (i think) and changed and i didnt like it so much. now i use rss feeds anyway most of the time. but there is something about that i don’t like much anymore. at least the last time i used it there was, and i think its still the same as then.

    it could be a great resource and i’m sure there is stuff that can be done to make it that way again.

    *fills out survey*

  2. It should do something like try to profile each blogger(is that what a blog user is called).

    Maybe that’s too ambitious though.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can they companies like CPL submitting recruitment ads as blog posts?

  4. Anonymous says:

    ^– ban

  5. Stephen O says:

    They banned me for life and I don’t know why? I was trying to contribute and answer questions, make suggestions. I think it was all automated and no “human” bothered to read what I wrote.
    No appeal or email saying how I could lift the ban. I never went back to irishblogs since.