Saw the Dark Knight

It rocked.

Met Rick. You know, that rocked more. Wearing the pimp hat and feather though and the cane? Does he think he’s Gerry Ryan now or something?

Good to see the blogternity there too. Big up to fab movies site too. How many of the audience will go and see it again and more than once? A lot I’d say. How many straight men will not find Christian Bale hot but will have a man crush on the Joker?

Oh and I’m on the road at the moment so blog service will return soon enough. I challenge y’all to do your own fluffy links.

19 Responses to “Saw the Dark Knight”

  1. Sinéad says:

    Rick got swamped by screaming man-fans outside. Legend.

  2. where did you watch it? It will be available in Dublin only on 24th of July

  3. btw, the ARG rocked as a BIG case

  4. stretchneil says:

    I’m so jealous, I may just have to hunt you all down and kill you.

  5. David says:

    Since when are man crushes not gay??

  6. Stephen O says:

    I was at the premiere too. Great movie and great atmosphere in the Savoy. You don’t get that alot anymore. Heath Ledger was brill.

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  8. MJ says:

    Such a flood of praise! One might have to go see it…

  9. Phil O'Kane says:

    it’s been on my mind over the last week or so to do a “fluffy links” type deal, but my problem is i can never think of a name for them. obviously fluffy is taken… as is red links. I will come up with something soon.

  10. MJ says:

    Here’s a bit of fluff for today:

    1) Irish Times version of this found at

    2) Autumn version of this found at

    3) Finding Fluff every day must not be that easy

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  12. Mr T says:

    Fluffy Challenge Accepted…
    @ Linkmap

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  16. I was in Florida when it came out last week at 12.01 am on Friday…

    didn’t get to see it though.