Facebook changes ad structure

Via Email from the ad team:

The most basic change that you’ll notice is that ads will now appear on the right side of Facebook pages instead of on the left. The new placement integrates the ads into the new site design in a meaningful way. As many as two ads may show at one time on any given page.

In addition to these changes, you will also see a new ad on the home page. This new ad is located just to the right of the News Feed, and will initially run a limited set of advertisers. As this space continues to evolve and improve, we’ll provide more details.

So at least three ads on a profile now? (Not including banners) General users can’t bid on the one next to the newsfeed. We’ll see more tomorrow I suppose when the new look goes live.

4 Responses to “Facebook changes ad structure”

  1. TheChrisD says:

    I wouldn’t mind the extra amount of ads if they didn’t try to insert them right in the middle of the home page news feed and similar :angry:

  2. Brian Mc says:

    Just had a quick look – the ads are definitely more intrusive. Is that what they mean by integrated in a ‘meaningful way’ ?


  3. Ballwatcher says:

    Is it wrong to use Adblock Plus?

  4. Tom Young says:

    I wish they’d ever sort out the myriad of server issues they have over there at FB. Its a total pain in the ass. Also Facebook chat bombs out at very frequent intervals. I couldn’t give a rats behind about the adverts, in fact I’d pay to opt out of the bloody annoying things which frankly do nothing for me bar give me eye strain and at times annoyance – I never asked for them, as far as I can remember. Oh yeah, but it might have been somewhere in the Terms and Conditions stub.