Of crisps and chocolate

In a discussion on Sunday night with some of the folks from Salesfoce and Coda and other companies, I mentioned the notion of eating chocolate with crisps. It seems the non-Irish (everyone there except me) were a little disconcerted at the idea of having a pack of crisps and eating a chocolate bar at the same time or just after. It appears to be a foreign concept in many parts of the (not so apparently) civilised world.

Questions were flying at me like the time between eating the crisps and then having the chocolate or was it at same time, the flavour of the crisps (when I said cheese and onion there was uproar!) and I was also asked would white chocolate be used. Vile. No.

Who else likes having their crisps and choccies at the same time?

Tayto Mountain
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plus these:
French Chocolate Brownies  0608
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= yumm.

53 Responses to “Of crisps and chocolate”

  1. Mick says:

    Yes Yes Yes!

    But it has to be King cheese & onion with an Aero.

  2. PJ says:

    Oh lord, YES!
    Packet of King, throw in some malteesers, minstrels or a smushed up kitkat and you are in heaven!

  3. fecks sake damien crisps and chocolate? is that all you have to say about your eve/day with salesforce?

    i was looking forward to starry predictions of the future in cloudworld.


  4. Deborah says:

    Sweet and salty always a good combo. This is what makes Reeses Peanut butter cups so popular. They are sweet and chocolaty on the outside and salty on the inside. I have also been known to dip a McDonalds chip into their chocolate milkshake. But I will deny it vehemently if asked! 🙂

  5. Skintstudent says:

    Reeses peanut butter cups on special in Aldi.Scarily delicious. They only come in three packs which is good on the finances but treacherous for the waist.No one seems to like them so their hanging around the gaff…

  6. Sinéad C says:

    Nothing beats Kings Cheese and Onion with a bar of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk… ummm…. Popcorn and Malteasers is a great one too.

  7. Cronan says:

    Crisps first, chocolate after – not at the same time.

    I had chocolate covered potato chips once and they were very nice. No prizes for guessing where they came from: America

  8. roosta says:


    King or Tayto + Cadburys Buttons / Minstrels..


    Cinema Popcorn + Minstrels

  9. Marie Boran says:

    Pretzels and dark chocolate. mmmmmmm.

  10. …. aw for Gods sake?!!

  11. mj says:

    Chocolate and salt is well known – look at chocolate covered pretzels for a perfect example of future ill health in a tasty vacuum sealed treat.

  12. John Keyes says:

    Hell yeah! Crisps first, then chocolate.

  13. tipster says:

    I am more than disconcerted at the prospect of combining crisps and chocolate. Euughh

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  15. Tim Worstall says:

    So this thing about the Irish having potatoes with everything isn’t just a stereotype then?

  16. B'dum B'dum says:

    I have to seperate literally everything I eat, I done a blog about how I eat a Snickers bar(which has a few thousand different ingedients, and sorry!) a while back.

    Genuinely getting sick thinking of crisps and chocolate.

  17. Mike says:

    Hunky Dory’s in a sambo followed a crunchie Yum Yum Yum

  18. Adam says:

    Popcorn and Minstrels is a personal favourite when I go to the cinema. Yum.

  19. Daragh says:

    Yuk yuk no. Crisps and chocolate are incompatible in my book. I much prefer to enjoy chocolate with a nice coffee, or on it’s own.

  20. wendylimerick says:

    1 packet of Monster Much and Maltesers Heaven combination give it a shake before munching!Yum

  21. Damien says:

    @Tim Completely true, not a stereotype.

  22. 73man says:

    You’re all freaks, every last man and woman of you.

  23. Dave says:

    Galaxy + Walkers S&V. Yeah, baby.

    Sweey + salty is so part of our national palate that eircom even used it in one of their ads. Remember that chick who “likes when things go together” shown sitting in the cinema and tipping a bag of Maltesers into her popcorn?

  24. Darren says:

    Eugh! God NO! What’s wrong with you people?

  25. Gav says:

    Completely. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Tayto S&V.

    I think it came from my days of needing amusement while my auld pair watched various sports in a pub, as they’d say themselves, “of a Sunday”.

  26. fatmammycat says:

    Nom nom, snickers and cheese and onion king crisps, one bite each in rotation!

  27. click here says:

    I’d post a longer reply, but I have to rush to the nearest shop to satisfy a sudden, inexplicable craving.

    Good day to you.

  28. Ger Hartnett says:

    Has to be Taytos and a crushed Flake. Another good option is peanuts & Taytos.

  29. mmmmmmmgorgeous,

    Chocolate and Popcorn is delightful too.

  30. deisedub says:

    nothing nicer than tayto and a dairy milk…yummmmmmmmm. I dont get the maltesers and popcorn combo though…seperate yes..but together…eeek!

  31. Kev says:

    Best Hangover Cure…
    Popcorn, Crisps of chice (Meanies/Monster Munch), and Rolo’s
    Mixed in a bowl, cold can of coke on the side…

  32. jen says:

    Mmmmmmm – salt and vinegar crisps along with a hot chocolate drink… That solves most hangovers or ailments 🙂

  33. Remy says:

    I have never tried this before. In my opinion, chocolote is tasteful and good for the health whereas crisps are too salty and fat. So it cannot be eaten together … it is a culinary paradox.

  34. John says:

    It’s not just me then!

    Tayto salt & vinegar, and then a Cadbury’s Mini Roll.

    (Drools in Homer Simpson Style)

  35. trinity says:

    oh sweet jebus, yum! Taytos and chocolate and a big muga cha, heaven 🙂

  36. Jane says:

    Oh baby, yes!
    Crisps chocolate crisps- in that order.
    The crisps must be cheese and onion for it to work. Chocolate must be milk. Aero is good.
    I think it’s something to do with salt and sugar.
    My favourite moment is when you start on crisps after chocolate. Something chemical happens and the sum ends up being greater than the individual parts.
    I’m sure that some scientist somewhere has an equation for crisps/chocolate perfection- wow, just think of that lab!
    Been reading this blog for a long time but it’s the first time I’ve had the nerve to comment- this being one of my specialist subjects!

  37. Damien says:

    Thanks for the comment Jane, please leave more!

    @trinity Choc and crisps and tea? Dunno could I do that… has to be can of Diet Coke.

  38. Daragh says:

    Diet coke? Just when I thought you can’t get a more unhealthy snack – aspartame!


  39. Sam says:

    Yes. ThankYou!!! I’ve been telling all my mates this and they look at me like i’m wierd. The best combo is walkers cheese and onion and twix!!

  40. Liz says:

    Oh wow a forum dedicated to chocolate and crisps! Whenever I have chocolate I get cravings for cheese and onion crisps right after – sometimes I eat them at the same time mmmm… I’m looking forward to the day Walkers bring out chocolate covered cheese and onion crisps. There is a competition running at the moment to find a new flavour, so I might just enter…

  41. Michelle says:

    I am so glad other people think this to… i love crisps and chocolate and have eaten theese together for years, one without the other seems wrong. best is cheese and onion walkers and a galaxy ripple….:)

  42. Jane says:

    Spot on Michelle- that is the perfect combo and the mixture definitely creates something where the sum of the two together is so much better than the two parts individually.
    As Deborah says above Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are good too because they are salty but sweet.

  43. Jane says:

    Biggest disappointment ever: Walkers Chilli/Chocolate.

  44. Raul says:

    Nothing wrong here : crisps ? – good ! ; chocolate ? – good ! Mixed ? – even better !

  45. Aoife Murray says:

    Did the topic of crisp sandwiches come up? I wonder what the non-Irish people would have to say about that? Brennan’s white pan and chipsticks. Nommm!

  46. Gavin says:

    I remember seeing chocolate coated crisps in Scotland. If memory serves me right they were choc & mint flavour.

    Not really my thing but crisps and a twix is hard to beat.

  47. Thomas Brunkard says:

    Classic combination. Love modern variations that involve chilli flavours.

  48. Sean Smyth says:

    @ Aoife Murray. I reckon that crisp sandwiches are far far more popular than the original crisp and chocolate discussion. I’ve eaten many a crisp sandwich (King or Tayto Cheese and Onion on Brennan’s) and I don’t think it’s weird.

    The chocolate and crisps. I can’t say I’ve ever tried it but to be honest it doesn’t really appeal to me. I don’t like popcorn and minstrels at the same time so I don’t see myself liking crisps and chocolate.

  49. Val says:

    Crisp sandwiches….yum.
    I used to love twiglets (marmite stick things) dipped in chocolate cake…can’t get twiglets in Sligo though 🙁

  50. Jane says:

    @ Sean Smyth. It’s the salt and fat/sweet mixture that makes it work. Like with a crisp butty, it’s the salt/butter things that works. If you like peanut butter you would like chocolate alternated with crisps.

    @Val. http://www.britstore.co.uk/ will deliver twiglets to Sligo!