Fluffy Links – Monday June 30th 2008

I’m at the SaleForce.com Tour De Force event today so blogging is going to be light. I met some of the folks last night and they’re some of the friendliest bunch of tech people I’ve encountered. Here’s some stuff to keep you slightly entertained while blogging is light.

Beer and food competition from Bubble Brothers.

M83 are back again.

Via 12 Stories. Are you a visual thinker?

Solar powered plant pot. I like.

For the Philip Pullman fans.

New blog – The Connolly Column. From Cob H.

Marketing’s Wheel of Misfortune.

Passion Pit. Yay.

Nodal Points. William Gibsontastic.

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2 Responses to “Fluffy Links – Monday June 30th 2008”

  1. Jon Mountjoy says:

    Hi Damien – I’d love to say hi. I’ll be hanging around the Dev Zone mostly, please pop by! Wearing a blue force.com t-shirt, blue jeans – I’m tall ;-) Regards,

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