National Broadband Scheme – Strange Bedfellows

While rumour on is that the National Broadband Scheme is canceled, despite providers being brought this far, heres some interesting (for me) data about it. Just looking at more FOI’d documents from the Department of Communications and the list of companies and consortiums who applied for the National Broadband Scheme tender:

BroadNet (Motorola & Azotel Consortium)
3 Ireland
BT, Wirefree & Avanti Consortium
Avanti Broadband
Crimson Tide
Clearwire, Motorola Consortium
IFA, Motorola Consortium
UPC, Enet, BT Consortium
Smart, Enet, Last Mile, Permanet Consortium

2 Responses to “National Broadband Scheme – Strange Bedfellows”

  1. Niall says:

    A lot of strange bedfellows on that list. With so much scepticism on the scheme from the start do you think these were genuine applications or just a chance to promote existing services/block out the competition?

  2. Elana says:

    Crimson Tide? Seriously? Apparently they don’t have women at that company. Baaaaaad name.