New Club Orange ad

While I recover from London and the chicken feet and Shark Fin gruel, an ad company sent me this. What’s the url at the end, I couldn’t figure it first time:

15 Responses to “New Club Orange ad”

  1. Green Ink says: Stupid ad.

  2. cgarvey says: are going to be loasing a lot of linkage to… and it would probably help the cause if there was actually a webstite there!

    Agreed, it’s a stupid ad.

  3. John B says:

    “Ok team for the campaign, we’re going to take viral marketing to the next level. Yeah, we can do the funny videos, that’s easy, but people aren’t falling for it any more. Here’s the clever bit: Let’s pretend it’s a viral for some soft drink but make it look like we made a complete bollix of the URL. It’ll look so stupid that people will forward it all over the place. It’ll be like the early days”

    “Sir you are a genius”

  4. Darragh says:

    From YouTube:

    “vStream is Ireland’s premiere online marketing and advertising company, based in The Digital Hub. We specialse in high-end creative concepts and bespoke software solutions, as well as providing content through our greenscreen and bluescreen facilities. Visit”

    And from their site

    “vStream is Ireland’s fastest growing online advertising agency.

    We create innovative campaigns to connect the brand to the customer, using cutting edge technology and evolving digital platforms. Like any online agency, we produce the full spectrum of standard advertising creative for the web, e.g:

    * Rich media banner ads
    * Microsites
    * SEO & SEM”


  5. S says:

    Modern Marketing at it’s best – unimaginative trite from a “shallow thinking” generation. Clearly, the internet is due to puke-its-ring-up and start over.

  6. Matt says:

    Reminds me of the sex scene from Team America: World Police.

    Only like, y’know, not nearly as good.

  7. Paul McClean says:

    I love vstream’s “client login”:

    That’s pretty harsh, you didn’t even give me a chance!

  8. Paul McClean says:


    input name=”Submit” type=”submit” class=”submit_button” id=”Submit” value=”Submit” onClick = “alert(‘Incorrect Login Details.’)”

  9. roosta says:

    Team America?

  10. roosta says:

    AH…yes, what Matt said….

  11. Well harsh yiz are. I’d call it lifeless at worst, but hardly a cock-up or anything.

  12. Damien says:

    I agree Nick, no cock at all in fact. 🙂

  13. Piaras Kelly says:

    Meh I found it mildly amusing, bit silly that the site doesn’t work. In fairness bloggers will always be a hard bunch to please. For the followup perhaps they could have filmed the Spencer Tunick performances and directed viewers to

  14. Thanks for posting the ad Damien and thanks to all for the comments on the ad and our client log in.

    The site was to go live on Monday, but there was a slight delay, hence no link. We have asked the agency involved to put up a holding page informing people of same. I thought a few people might enjoy the Youtube video before the full launch.

    The ad is just a bit of fun, inspired perhaps by Team America and the like. It’s not trying to trick you into drinking Club Orange – it’s just something different for Youtube as opposed to simply uploading the TV ad. The URL will be promoted on other media too – so there shouldn’t be too much confusion.

    Our client log-in was created when we built the last version of the site – we have not, as yet, had a need to use it and so it is set to a default.

    The youtube video isn’t too difficult to make – Ken and Barbie are the basic elements – so feel free to show us how you would make it better. Or I’d be delighted to hear from you guys if you have ideas you’d like to see made…

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