Chicken Feet

Traditional “Chinese style” chicken feet. Boiled and left to go cold. I doubt I’d have them again.


7 Responses to “Chicken Feet”

  1. Richard Hearne says:

    The mental image of you trying to eat these makes me LOL 🙂

  2. Jonathan says:

    A nice sauce helps with those. I had a fear of them when I first moved to China, but can’t find any decent places that do Chicken Feet a la spice these days…

  3. red mum says:

    They look fowl!

  4. Justin Mason says:

    agreed with Jonathan — I had some great ones in a place in LA, covered in a really spicy szechuan sauce (and served hot!)

  5. When viewed in my RSS reader – The entry “Save to” takes on a whole new meaning.

  6. Mike Kelly says:

    Glad I’m a vegetarian

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