Good ole Irish Rail

Once again the Cork to Dublin train delayed due to “technical difficulties”. That wonderful catchall that covers everything from train being broken to staff still being drunk from the night before to the staff once again having yet another fight with the station master.

Irish Rail – Getting there when they’re good and ready and if you’re not happy about that then they’ll strike.

Update: 8.05 and everyone is on board, 35 mins late so far. Not letting anyone else get on-board but not leaving either. Oh, minds changed, letting people on again.

Tip: Seats 5 and 6 on the Cork to Dublin train have power points.

8 Responses to “Good ole Irish Rail”

  1. DMAN says:

    The usual carry on, why did you expect anything else? This is still Ireland after all.

  2. 73man says:

    Darn you, was about to post about a warm fuzzy glow I got on the 21h34 from Maynooth to Dublin last night in one of the new trains. Maybe it was all the beer I consumed, looking back now.

  3. Conor Byrne says:

    Did you hear about the one where the train left dublin with only 1 passanger on board,and 300 on the platform….honestly, no joke, it happened!

  4. Brendan says:

    Ah good ol’ Iarnrod Eireann. You should try the Dublin/Sligo route sometime. There’s one of these “technical difficulties” at least once a week. Yesterday it was an accident at a level crossing. Train cancelled and thrown on to a 1970’s bus.

  5. no matter how bad iarnród eireann get, they’ll never be as bad as a)the traffic or b) bus eireann.

    at least on the train you dont have to deal with the driver. i’ve had so many run ins with oveweight undermotivated bus drivers that i’m glad that train travel is a transactionless event. standing on the quays in the rain 6:59pm and the driver of the stationary 7pm bus is sitting on the back seat reading [cunts monthly]. i (presumptiously in retrospect) open the front door of the bus via the emergency knob thing to politely request the driver allow his wet customers on the bus. all hell breaks loose. effin and blindin’ and doublets all unbraced.

    with the train, no matter how many chinese labourers are sitting in front of you eating stinking supermacs, you can close your eyes and be lulled to sleep by the roll of the train when it does eventually get moving.

    train = erotic. bus = erratic.

  6. Steve says:

    On Friday last (bank holiday friday) a friend was at Pearse St getting Dart to Malahide. There was an announcement that the 6-something train to Drogheda was cancelled due to “staff shortages”. Listening to the news within 10 mins of the announcement it said there were shed loads more people on the live register.

    Isnt something wrong there or are they loads of people like me who wont work for the piss poor, ignorant, shit head, wanker, bollox-headed union pricks?

  7. Your Kent Station snags are often directly related to the pussy-footing stance management takes with loco drivers. Irish Rail locomotive drivers often insist on a 6-hour work day and if you do the numbers, you know that means no more than one mainline run a day. Then you have to let the drivers rest a requisite period–count on 12 hours. I wonder how the system let the drivers get to such a privileged status.

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