PaddyPower looking for a blogger – Want a job?

This was passed on to me. It might be of use.

Bloggers Wanted

Are you a financial blogger – or want to be a financial spread betting
blogger – interested in discussing stories about assets trades: (the
good, the bad and the ugly) and other areas of interest to financial
spread bettors?

You may have your own blog or you may take part in discussions on
other blogs or forums.

You must be passionate about the financial markets; particularly
equities or individual shares in the UK and Irish markets. Writing
experience and a keen sense of humour are needed.

You don’t need to be a blogging expert, but you should understand
blogs and know how to make comments and add hyperlinks.

Possible areas of interest:

• Equities

• Indices

• Forex

• Commodities

• Economic indicators

• Stock broking fundamentals

• Education

Contact us, indicating your area of interest or expertise and include
a paragraph or more about your experience or the reason you would like
to get involved.

We will provide you with useful and valuable tools and information.
The site is already up and running. We also pay a non-commission based
competitive basic salary.

So if you think you have what it takes. Email the following
information to

• Your Full Name

• Email Address

• Phone

• Country

• Region

• Area of Expertise

• Your Blog URL if you have one – otherwise a sample of your writing

• 2-4 paragraphs about what you’ve done before

• Anthing else you think is relevant

4 Responses to “PaddyPower looking for a blogger – Want a job?”

  1. Anthony C says:

    That’s a first for me…
    Occupation: Blogger 🙂

  2. I wonder how they’ll cope with all the cursing in the bloggosphere?

    Dear PaddyPower

    Here’s the information you fuckin wanted

    You can call me Bock the fuckin Robber. Why the fuck would I send you my email address in a fuckin email, you stupid cunt?

    I live in fuckin Ireland and what the fuck do you mean Region? This isn’t the Asian fucking continent, you know. This is a tiny fuckin island. Region my arse.

    I have no fuckin phone since those Eircom cunts ripped us all off, and I have fuck-all expertise in anything except getting pissed in the middle of the night. This is the sample of my fuckin writing, but I’m fucked if I’m telling you what I did before. Do you want to get me fuckin arrested?

    What do I think is relevant? Well, I think it’s relevant that we had the most prosperous period in our history and the crooked fucking wasters in Fianna Fáil pissed it down the drain and now it’s all over and we have fuck-all to show for fifteen years of money. That’s fairly fuckin relevant, Mr PaddyPower.

    I look forward to your fuckin job offer.

  3. Anthony says:

    rofl @Bock the Robber

  4. Hi All,

    Anyone interested in the blogging on do not hesitate to get in touch.

    The address is mdaly2 < AT >
    Thanks Damien..