Quick before it’s gone – ógra Fianna Fail Fun Fideo

Remember this video? From this post?

Apparently the original creator of it is going to report me to YouTube for putting it back up when they took it down. I only saw their message on YouTube now:

As the original creater of the video and copyright holder of all the pictures contained in it I must ask you to remove the video before I am forced to report this infringement to YouTube!!

It’s that second exclamation mark that’s worrying me. And I thought I was a friend to Fianna Fáil since I think Enda Kenny is a tosser? I mean what’s wrong with it? It just shows the future Taoisigh of the country unwinding. They’re allowed to do that without the PC firebrigade burning down the doghouse, who let them out. Oooh oooh. Or something. GetwhatImean?

So with haste, watch this once more and tap that toe to the Saw Doctors.

5 Responses to “Quick before it’s gone – ógra Fianna Fail Fun Fideo”

  1. This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.

    🙁 🙁

  2. cgarvey says:

    That’s it, you’ve gone and done it now Mulley. You’ve MADE him bring YouTube Police in to this.

    Lesson learnt: don’t be fooled by a second exclamation mark!


  3. Can you put it back up again? I missed it!

  4. squid says:

    While it took an hour for youtube to remove this, videos from limerick showing youths wearing gloves to handle shotguns and handguns has been on youtube for weeks.

    not sure if I should post the link here though.

  5. Anthony says:

    When posting content to youtube you give up your rights to it. It’s right there in the privacy policy. fail legal speak is fail.