Limerick – Centre of Irish Blog O’Sphere grows yet again

So it appears that there are now over 50 Limerick blogs after In the Little Smoke compiled a massive list. Then of course Limerick Blogger itself is now under new management and there are lots of talks about greatly expanding the site to serve the large community of people that hang around the site. One of the first new moves is an aggregator for Limerick Blogs called Planet Limerick.

University of Limerick
Photo owned by worak (cc)

Blogwise, Limerick is where it’s at. Now if the other 31 counties could hurry up and do that.

38 Responses to “Limerick – Centre of Irish Blog O’Sphere grows yet again”

  1. Rahood says:

    It would be nice if linked back to or failing that you yourself might provide a frontpage link to the software they are using.

  2. Another reason to hold the awards in Limerick next year 😉

  3. James says:

    Good stuff Limerick. Cork seemed to be dominating for awhile back in ’06, need to pick up the pace a bit. There is a lot of room for a Cork-based Limerick Blogger like Adam’s

  4. John says:


    Has there been a war or peaceful annexation while I wasn’t looking? 🙂

  5. Val says:

    Hi damain
    Thanks for a great blog night. As we are now the centre of the blogosphere let’s have the 09 awards here. We can put on a great event in a cool venue, Mags spoke to you i think. Lets do it, Limerick is in the middle of the country and easy for everyone to get to

  6. rahood says:

    Mulley ffs

    Did they not just take advantage of it.

  7. Sharon . says:

    Hi John !

    Has there been a war or peaceful annexation while I wasn’t looking ;-)? ”

    How long have you ‘not been looking’ ?
    Has coastal erosion hit us while I wasn’t looking 😉 ?

    Last time I checked , this island had 32 counties.



  8. Damien says:

    @rahood Try and bang your head less of the ground there will you, you’re making less sense than usual. You want *me* to link to the software you said they used, why?

  9. Rahood: why stop there? Why don’t we make them link to every known site with “planet” in its name?

  10. Sharon: He was talking about the other 31 counties. “Other”. Did you miss that bit?

  11. Damien says:

    @Bock Sharon was replying to John’s suggestion that there were 25 “other” counties.

  12. John says:

    Ahhhh my humblest apologies, I didn’t realise Damien was referring to Ireland as defined by RTE traffic reports as opposed to the State Defined view.

  13. Sharon . says:

    Hi Bock !
    Really !
    I’m glad you’re not that careless on your OWN blog 😉 !

    Hi John !
    ‘The State’ has a ‘defined view’ on other issues , too , but I prefer to make my own mind up on those as well .
    For instance : ‘the State’ “defined” Liam Lawlor as a suitable person to be put in charge of its ‘Ethics Committee’ in Leinster House .
    I made up my own mind and decided he wasn’t suitable for that job , instead of just blindly accepting that they knew what they were doing . And saying .
    And everyone knows ya just can’t believe RTE traffic reports either….



  14. Sharon: What a twat I am. I’ll write a special post attacking myself. Sorry.

  15. Sharon . says:

    Hi Bock !

    No harm done !
    PS – in your “special post” , I expect at least ONE link back to the ‘1169…’ blog (and a share in the ‘Blog Award’ that MUST be coming your way next year)!
    PPS – …..and a warning to your readers NOT to take as gospel the traffic reports on RTE 😉 !



  16. John says:

    Can I make up my mind as well? Winning lottery ticket numbers comes to mind first quickly followed by how much I should be paid, what constitutes handsome good looks and my ability to fly when leaping from buildings.

    I’ll let you know how I get on 🙂


  17. Sharon . says:

    Hi John !
    “Can I make up my mind as well?” – Apparently not : you seem to find it easier to let the likes of the ‘RTE Traffic Report ‘ team do that for you .
    Why , I’d go as far as to say that you’re one of those closet ‘RTE Guide’ readers , aren’t you , John….
    Re the lotto and letting me know how you get on : no need .
    I have your ‘number’ already.



  18. John says:

    Hi Sharon

    Not sure where you got the notion I agreed with RTE.

    Can I assume that I should adopt your practice of not letting facts get in the way so and make up my own mind on anything I don’t agree with?


  19. FF says:

    New here , but want to say a few words all the same.
    I’m more into the Fianna Fail type of republicanism and wouldn’t be a supporter of sharon’s . I’ve come across the 1169 blog before now , and I drop in on a fairly regular basis to have a look at it – I find it interesting.
    But if its a choice between sharon and john I’ll back sharon anytime.
    Her heart and politics are in the right place whereas john seems to be just another tiger cub infected mé féiner for whom ireland stops at the border.
    thank you.

  20. Branedy says:

    I’m just glad that someone is taking a stab at aggregating Limerick Bloggers 😉

  21. Well Branedy, that’s fucking hysterical. Laugh? I nearly did. Especially after the riots in Finglas over the weekend, the stabbing of a taxi driver to death in Blanchardstown, the murder of two Polish men with a screwdriver in Drimnagh and a young British pianist having his finger ripped off by thugs in Dublin city centre yesterday.

  22. Twenty Major says:

    Branedy – not even the winking smiley, showing you were joking, can save you from Bock’s anger. Jokes about Limerick are just not funny.

    Shame on you.

  23. That’s right, Twenty. They’re not funny. At least, not that kind of tired hackneyed cliché.

    I’ll continue to react against that mindset because it’s very easy for these kind of clichés to become accepted wisdom. My children live in Limerick, I was born and bred here, it’s a good place to live and we’re all working hard to make it even better.

    Now, if a new and funny slur could be invented, I’d laugh with you. I don’t mind being laughed at, but I won’t be sneered at. Sorry.

  24. Twenty Major says:

    Yes, Bock. Heaven forbid somebody might perpetuate any kind of stereotype in the pursuit of ‘humour’.

    Do you get upset at Paddy Irishman jokes as well?

  25. Good example, Twenty, and well remembered. You saw how badly the Dubliners reacted when the tables were turned. Slagging Dublin was definitely not allowed.

    Are you talking about “Paddy Irishman” jokes as in silly Paddy Irishman, or Paddy Irishman, a psychotic murdering thug?

  26. Twenty Major says:

    Yes, they reacted very badly indeed.

    And the former, of course.

  27. Well that’s it.

    Back in the seventies and eighties, when all Irish people were being portrayed as terrorists, everyone in the country understood how hurtful these stupid clichéd “jokes” are because everybody was on the receiving end. Imagine if some English guy had told you to lighten up after telling a Paddy the Bomber joke. You’d have told him to get fucked.

    That’s how I react to stupid clichéd Limerick jokes.

  28. Twenty Major says:

    I think you’re overreacting.

    Having been on the receiving end of those jokes many, many times I know where you’re coming from – but if you’re going to let something as daft as that upset you then you’re going to end up with a heart attack or something.

  29. I think we may be working towards finding some common ground.

    The point about such clichés is that they’re not just daft slagging. They affect our town in a tangible way. I’ve been told by foreigners who never set a foot in Limerick what a dreadful place it is, and if that perception is out there, it’s an impediment to our future. Therefore it’s an obstacle for my children. Therefore I challenge it when I see it in action.

    The alternative is to lie down, be quiet and get walked on.

  30. Twenty Major says:

    Fair enough. However, if the joke hadn’t been made by an Irish blogger, who followed it up with the winky smiley to show they were very obviously joking, then your reaction would have been much more understandable.

    Now, we just need a mean Cavan hoor to make this party complete.

  31. I’m not great with those winky smiley things as a get-out-of-jail card. People put them at the end of any old vitriolic rant and expect to get away with it.

    Anyway, I’m not attacking Branedy. I’m challenging the cliché.

    I’m also not denying we have some terrible scumbags in our town. Of course we have them. All I’m saying is that so does Dublin, and Cork and Galway and everywhere else in our land. The sooner we get our act together and deal with them the better, instead of people pointing a finger in one direction only and forgetting about the scumbags living beside them.

  32. Twenty Major says:

    Shut up, you cunt 😉

    Anyway, my point was that pretty much everyone knows that’s a cliché, and that’s all it is.

  33. You go fuck yourself 😉

  34. Sharon . says:

    Hi John !
    “Not sure where you got the notion I agreed with RTE.”
    – Yet , in the same post (March 18th, 2008 at 10:40 pm) you align yourself with “the State Defined view” : is RTE part of the State apparatus or not ?

    “Can I assume that I should adopt your practice of not letting facts get in the way so and make up my own mind on anything I don’t agree with?”
    – Why not try using your own mind to arrive at those facts yourself, rather than taking your lead from RTE or anyone else/any other institution ?

    Hi FF !
    I won’t get into my viewpoint on ‘Fianna Fail and republicanism’ on this Comment Thread , FF , if you don’t mind – it wouldn’t be fair on Damien to have WW3 erupt here (!) – suffice to say that if you know of our blog , you will know our position on same .
    But thank you , anyway , for your comment regarding myself and John – I do appreciate your support in that matter.


  35. Bock and Twenty,

    I love how you guys insult each other and then put little smiley winking faces beside the insult so that you don’t actually offend each other – very touching!

  36. Twenty Major says:

    Yeah, don’t mind that wanker.

  37. Twenty Major says:

    Oh shit, forgot my 😉