Bloggers Book thing – Still going to happen

Well, it didn’t happen before the Blog Awards because there was too much on so we’re re-scheduling. If anyone can suggest a good venue where we can gather Grandad, Twenty, Fiona from The Waiting Game, Kieran Murphy and Declan Burke to talk about blogs and books, let me know.

11 Responses to “Bloggers Book thing – Still going to happen”

  1. Sarah says:

    Might be worth getting in touch with Cle- The Irish Book Publishers Asscoation to see if they want to get invovled in arranging thsi event. I’m sure there are lots of publishrs who’d be interested in attending.

  2. David says:

    Trying to get the ESB theatre on Fitzwilliam Street at the minute. (Couldn’t land the RCSI).

  3. Sinead says:

    Keep me posted on this one. The Sugar Club is not usually busy during the week?

  4. Kieran says:

    How about a bookshop?

  5. Dave. says:

    There’s the Winding Stair or Chapters as an option too. (I called the ESB – I’m to meet them tomorrow at 12…) The RCSI offered Damer Hall on Stephens Green as an alternative…

  6. 73man says:

    The Dublin Writers’ Museum on Parnell Square?

  7. tipster says:

    The Ark in Temple Bar in Dublin has a few good spaces for this kind of gig.

  8. copernicus says:

    The library on Pearse Street near Westland Row has a nice space for things like this. Very close to the blog awards’ traditional stomping ground.

  9. Johnny says:

    Would it have to be in Dublin. How about on a cruiser on the Shannon. Please oh please forgive their website [] as I can’t convince them to upgrade it but it is a fab venue. We could have it to ourselves for a few hours. Bad news is it could be €800 but we could get sponsorship. I know it all sounds like a lot, the cost, the travel to Carrick on Shannon etc. (2 hours on shiny new train from Dublin) but the environment is just so relaxing and so UN-everyday-business-like-hotel-room-office-type-thing.
    Last time I was on it was with Luka Bloom and he made me realize how nice it was as I have become somewhat immune to it’s appeal. Just a thought or maybe for another event e.g. BarCruise or TechCruise or IT Cruise or plain ol’ Piss-upCruise. If you are thinking TomCruise, don’t, he would just jump all over the furniture as he is nuts –

  10. David says:

    How about Pearse Street library??

    They have no problem hosting it but just need to get a day that’s the room is available. Monday – Thursday it’s open ’till 8, or Firiday/Saturday until 5. (Weekends are booked up for most of the year)

    Any ideas on dates?

  11. Lina says:

    I think the library/bookshop would be the best great, yet they both tend to close early… Are we trying to do this in the evening? In that case, a few weeks ago I was in a discussion with a few avant garde filmmakers in Ha’penny Bridge Pub. The discussion took place upstairs, it was a great venue for a chat. I’d say, about 50 people could fit there easily.