Comp Sci student looking for Summer Work Exp/Internship

A friend of mine that’s doing Computer Science in UCC is looking for Summer work experience either in Cork or Dublin though he is happy to go elsewhere. Sam’s LinkedIn is here if you want to have a look. Give him a shout if you think you might know of a company looking for students. His email is fitzpatricksam ( AT )

2 Responses to “Comp Sci student looking for Summer Work Exp/Internship”

  1. Dermot says:


    ask him to tidy up his linked in profile i.e. he was a

    * Web Develloper at Micromail

    I read no further


  2. Firstly – cheers for this Damien!
    Also – Dermot and others, apologies for any spelling mistakes etc on the linked in profile, as Damien will tell you i made it in a rush on thursday evening, if anyone wants my proper CV just drop me an email!