Another Blog Awards superstar

Every year my philosophy for the Blog Awards is to improve it as every year I realise we need to fix things for the next and the other thing is to add a surprise. Always have something in reserve to exceed expectations. Last year it was goody bags and champagne. This year the surprise was the election theme and the videos. Myself and John did a test run in a Starbucks on the Friday and it all went well. With my Dell laptop and WinDVD it worked fine. Sometime Saturday I realised that I forgot my power cable for the laptop. With about an hour and a bit til the show started I dumped the DVD on Alexia and went off to worry about something else. So what did she do? Well she saved the day. Sat behind Rick and manually fought with the DVD and Windows Vista to get it working. If it wasn’t for Alexia we’d never have seen the masterpiece that John put together.

Alexia Golez - Blog Awards superstar

Elly created stickers at the Blog Awards that stood for What Would Mulley Do? Without Alexia he would have been rightly screwed on Saturday night. Thanks Alexia. See, she is one to watch.

What Would Mulley Do?

10 Responses to “Another Blog Awards superstar”

  1. elly parker says:

    Alexia really did an excellent job on the night – she’s always someone who is willing to get her hands dirty and pitch in when needed!

  2. McAWilliams says:

    Well I for one should have made more of an effort to meet my saviour of the night, many many thanks Alexia for getting the DVD sorted pity you never played the title menu! I am sure you know why!

  3. Alexia says:

    @Damien: You’ll have to work harder next year to top 08 awards.. It was Windows XP, actually. My wrestling didn’t work.. I was the girl-shaped blackhole of the night. I volunteer to cause chaos next year.. 😀

    @John: Super work. Apologies to you and the guys behind those wonderful videos. They were fab. Looking forward to seeing them soon. I saw the title.. it was funny 🙂

  4. PolkaDot says:

    Alexia, at the very least, you kept me entertained for the evening (in the brown dress, right in front of you). Your head was in an unfortunate place, when Rick stood near you, tho. Brilliant work!!!

  5. Alexia says:

    @PolkaDot Yeah, I thought it was funny where I was sitting too. With all this talk of interns and everything…

    I loved the way you and your pals shouted and screamed for so many nominees. Lots of BA spirit. 🙂 Thanks, you guys kept my spirits up.

  6. […] for the video problems. I’m available to mess up your Christenings, 50th Birthday parties and Wedding dos […]

  7. Rick says:

    I am way too much of a gentleman to have noticed anything you all may be alluding to 😛

  8. Love the pint photo. Guinness is so photogenic!

    You should crop it to panorama as your new blog header 🙂

    ‘WWMD’ and the harp in view.

  9. Damien – any chance you could post the vid intros on Youtube or somesuch? … they were hilarious.